Mask Synthesis and Data Prep 

Design-to-Mask Manufacturing Excellence 

Proteus products provide a comprehensive and powerful environment for performing full-chip proximity correction, building models for correction, and analyzing proximity effects on corrected and uncorrected IC layout patterns. Proteus products are the mask synthesis tool of choice for leading-edge IDM‘s and foundries. 

CATS mask data preparation (MDP) software for semiconductor, TFT, HDD, MEMS and photonics mask and direct write equipment data preparation, is a highly scalable, easy to use, feature-rich product suite which provides data prep modules for data fracture, data verification, MRC, PEC, jobdeck processing, layer operations, and data sizing. CATS provides mask tapeout teams with a seamless extension to Proteus.

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Proteus provides a comprehensive set of pipelined-enabled mask synthesis tools, which offers the lowest cost of ownership design-to-mask flows on the market.

Proteus LRC is Synopsys' next generation OPC verification tool enabling fast and accurate hotspot detection across the process window for full-chip mask validation within the Proteus Pipeline Technology

Proteus MetroKit is a toolset designed to facilitate and automate the process of interfacing with metrology tools, thereby minimizing tool downtime and maximizing engineering efficiency.

Proteus WorkBench provides a single tool environment that facilitates building models, tuning correction recipes for full-chip OPC, and analyzing proximity effects on corrected and uncorrected IC layout patterns.

Alt-PSM technology for tighter control of chip performance and increased yield.

Sentaurus Lithography represents advanced modeling for semiconductor device manufacturing process development and optimization, covering a wide-range of applications in optical, immersion, EUV, and e-beam lithography.

IC WorkBench Plus (ICWB+) is a powerful, hierarchical layout visualization and analysis tool with GDSII/OASIS viewing and editing and high-speed lithography simulation and analysis.

A powerful, hierarchical layout visualization and analysis tool, which allows viewing and editing GDSII and OASIS layouts from small IP blocks to full chip database.

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CATS™ is the most advanced and fully featured data preparation software available for semiconductor photomask manufacturing.

A computational lithography tool that simplifies, optimizes, and reduces development time for advanced technology node design rules and products.

Inverse Synthesizer™ determines mask patterns that optimize images for pattern fidelity, image contrast, depth of focus, exposure latitude, and MEEF.