CHIPit® Automated FPGA-Based Prototyping Systems 

Whether you are developing a new wireless SoC or a new networking ASIC the CHIPit systems can make your job easier. CHIPit users find it easy to connect to real-time input and output, whether you have a high-speed analog front end or are driving video displays, the CHIPit speed allows you to interact with these real world systems.

The CHIPit automated rapid prototyping systems feature a programmable interconnect architecture for more automated design implementation and enabling emulation-like capabilities. The systems are optimized for transaction-based verification, providing verification and validation throughout the whole SoC and ASIC project cycle. Based on the latest FPGA technologies and complemented by an integrated set of tools, including comprehensive debug capabilities, the modular CHIPit systems can be used in diverse verification modes giving design engineers unprecedented productivity and flexibility to verify chip implementation and system functionality, thereby significantly reducing overall verification time.

CHIPit Platinum and Iridium Hardware Configurations
The scalable multi-FPGA systems based on the patented 3D Switching Technology offers the highest interconnect flexibility between FPGAs and expansion slots, enabling an optimized implementation to achieve the highest possible system performance. The CHIPit systems, based on the latest Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGAs, can handle complex ASIC and SoC designs up to 30M ASIC gates. The open system architecture provides sufficient user IOs through the expansion slots, enabling the user to adopt and verify his design in the real system environment and utilizing high-speed interfaces like PCI-Express, DVI or USB 2.0.

Chipit Iridium Edition V5
CHIPit Platinum Edition  V5

 CHIPit Platinum Edition
  CHIPit Iridium Edition
  CHIPit Daughter Boards

CHIPit Manager Software Suite
The CHIPit Manager software suites are a comprehensive set of tools for fast and automated design implementation, powerful debugging and extensive design and software verification. The intuitive software guides the user step-by-step through the flow and significantly reduces the time for initial design implementation and for incremental chances. The various debugging tools provide designers with high visibility into complex FPGA-based ASIC prototypes enabling them to find bugs quickly and easily. The software also enables the user to link the prototypes to high-level design and simulation environments through the UMRBus or the SCE-MI 2.0 transaction-level interfaces to run and verify their designs in verification and validation modes.

  CHIPit Software Suites

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