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High Throughput GSPS Signal Processing Using Synthesizable IP Cores
This whitepaper illustrates how parallel processing synthesizable IP cores available in Synphony Model Compiler enable Giga Samples Per Second (GSPS) throughput on FPGAs, and efficient area/power trade-offs for ASIC targets. In particular, we demonstrate how Parallel FFT, FIR, and CIC blocks enable users to scale throughput beyond achievable clock frequencies, and/or reduce power with sub-linear increases in area.
Sunil Ashtaputre, Director of R&D, Synopsys; Baijayanta Ray, DSP IP Architect, Synopsys

Integrating High-Level Synthesis Designs into SoCs with Less Effort and Risk
High-Level Synthesis (HLS) has many benefits for integrated circuit design but also introduces challenges for integration into SoCs. This paper proposes solutions that improve HLS system integration by eliminating manual interface specification, reducing debug and allow system integration and verification tasks to be performed earlier. By enabling an HLS to SoC flow from a model-based design environment, these methods increase productivity and eliminate manual effort, errors and risk.
Chris Eddington, Sr.Technical Marketing Manager for High-Level Synthesis, Synopsys

Efficient Design and Verification of Digital Communication Systems
LTE and WiMAX are key contenders for next generation mobile phone system. Both standards are excellent examples to highlight the huge complexity involved in modern communication algorithms. This increasing complexity is the trigger for new design methodologies and tools. This white paper provides a detailed analysis on the elements that determine algorithm design and verification efficiency for LTE and WiMAX communications systems. The concept of efficiency is discussed for modeling, simulation, reuse, and verification. Different methodologies and simulation solutions are then compared, providing the reader with specific algorithm design requirements.
Markus Willems, Ph.D., Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys and Holger Keding, Ph.D., Corporate Application Engineer, Synopsys

Custom Processors: A Better Way of Dealing with Design Changes
This white paper provides you with the understanding of how custom processors offer the flexibility needed to deal with multiple standards, multiple modes and late design changes as well as help minimize verification effort. By means of specialization, they also offer an attractive trade-off between power, performance and area. This makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including video, audio, security, networking, baseband, control and industrial automation applications.
Achim Nohl, Synopsys Inc. and Tom De Schutter, Synopsys Inc.

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