VLSI Research: Synopsys’ new custom IC design suite
Finally . . . an integrated EDA tool for custom IC design. It’s a totally new, ground-up, software package. Yet, its user interface is so similar to what you’ve been using that you’ll be surprised as to how familiar it seems.
Oct 22, 2008

Certified Wireless USB and Ultra-wideband to the Rescue
Today's consumer demands a host of functionality from portable electronic devices. While wireless portable products can store significantly more video, photos and music than most PCs did just five years ago, this content creates a notorious drain on battery life and requires a new approach to wireless computing.
Oct 17, 2008

Auto Electronics: Automakers Tool Around
While a software tool supplier may want to deliver a complete set of development tools, automakers and tier one electronics suppliers usually wind up mixing and matching the capabilities of several suppliers. As a result, cooperative competition links suppliers of simulation, verification, code development, production code generation, hardware-in-loop, and test and calibration equipment.
Oct 13, 2008

Powered Down
Just about every analysis of chip design claims verification consumes more than half of the time needed today to bring a semiconductor system to market.
Jul 22, 2008

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