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Mar 31, 2015Synopsys Introduces Innovative Visualization Capabilities in LucidShape for Automotive Lighting Design
LucidShape 2.0 Now Generally Available

Sep 24, 2008Synopsys and Microsoft Work Together to Improve Electronic Design Productivity
Synopsys today announced that it has qualified its Saber® and System Studio products for high performance computing (HPC) on the Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 and is partnering with Microsoft in its HPC Global launch. Synopsys' technology-leading design and verification tools leverage the power of the Windows HPC Server 2008-based environment to accelerate advanced electronic design.

Sep 22, 2008Synopsys Enters Mixed-Signal Implementation Market With Galaxy Custom Designer
Synopsys today unveiled its Galaxy Custom Designer™ solution, the industry's first modern-era mixed-signal implementation solution. Architected for productivity, Galaxy Custom Designer leverages Synopsys' Galaxy™ Design Platform to provide a unified solution for custom and digital designs, thereby enhancing designer efficiency.

May 30, 2007Synopsys and Zuken to Deliver Integrated, Robust PCB Design and Simulation Solution
Synopsys and Zuken, the engineering consulting company, today announced a partnership to develop an integrated and robust printed circuit board (PCB) design and simulation solution.