VLSI Research: Synopsys’ new custom IC design suite
Finally . . . an integrated EDA tool for custom IC design. It’s a totally new, ground-up, software package. Yet, its user interface is so similar to what you’ve been using that you’ll be surprised as to how familiar it seems.
Oct 15, 2008

Synopsys ventures on analog/mixed signal tools
Synopsys has officially embarked on the realm of analog/mixed-signal design tools with the launching of Galaxy Custom Designer.
Oct 15, 2008

Synopsys enters AMS implementation market
The landscape for analog custom IC EDA seems to be changing with the announcement this week from Synopsys that they are entering the custom analog IC design space with the introduction of Galaxy Custom Designer™ .
Sep 24, 2008

Synopsys tackles mixed signal IC design
Synopsys, in what it acknowledges to be its largest announcement in years, has released a custom design environment for developers of analog/mixed-signal devices.
Sep 22, 2008

Synopsys officially enters analog/mixed-signal EDA market
SAN FRANCISO— As expected, EDA vendor Synopsys Inc. officially expanded into the realm of analog/mixed-signal design tools with the introduction Monday (Sept. 22) of Galaxy Custom Designer.
Sep 22, 2008

Mixed-signal tool offers unified environment
According to Synopsys (Mountain View, Calif.), Galaxy Custom Designer is the first implementation tool built natively on the OpenAccess database for legacy designs as well as a new componentized infrastructure designed to support interoperability with foundry process design kits (PDKs).
Sep 22, 2008

Synopsys unleashes Orion, now Custom Designer, to hunt down Virtuoso
This morning Synopsys publicly announced the long-rumored--and demonstrated in the private rooms at DAC--Orion project: a custom and cell-based analog-mixed-signal (AMS) design environment aimed at breaking the dominance of Cadence's Virtuoso platform.
Sep 22, 2008

Analog and Mixed-signal Connectivity at 65nm and Below
The demand for connectivity intellectual property (IP) for high-speed serial busses such as USB 2.0, PCI Express®, SATA, DDR2 and HDMI is increasing as these standard interfaces are included in SoCs designed for applications.
May 07, 2007