Faster Development and Test of Automotive Network Software Using Virtual Hardware ECUs
Electrical and electronic architecture evolution is having a direct impact on automotive networks. When it comes to in-vehicle networks, Ethernet is the fastest growing network.
Marc Serughetti, Director, Business Development, Synopsys, Inc.
Oct 12, 2016
ON Semiconductor and Synopsys: ISO 26262 and Automotive DFT Requirements
In this webinar, you will learn about the ISO 26262 functional safety standard and how it is driving DFT requirements today.
Chanthachith Souvanthong, Corporate Functional Safety Manager, ON Semiconductor; Adam Cron, Principle Engineer, Synopsys, Inc.; Steve Smith, Sr. Marketing Director, Synopsys, Inc.
Sep 22, 2016
Enabling Machines to See with Efficient Embedded Vision Processors
Learn how Synopsys’ new embedded vision processor family with advanced vision capabilities can enable powerful and flexible vision solutions for your next-generations SoCs.
Michael Thompson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for ARC and EV Processors, Synopsys, Inc.
Jun 29, 2016
Accelerate Development of Powertrain ECUs with Virtual Hardware
This 60-minute Webinar will provide an overview of virtual hardware ECUs and how to integrate them into the automotive system development process to manage these challenges.
Marc Serughetti, Business Development, Synopsys, Inc.
Jun 21, 2016
Enabling ISO 26262 Compliance with Synopsys’ Automotive Safety Verification Solution
This webinar will provide an overview of the concepts, requirements, and approaches for automotive IC designers and verification teams to understand what’s needed for ISO 26262 compliance for safety-critical SoCs and IP blocks. Capsule Module: Enabling ISO 26262 Compliance with Synopsys’ Automotive Safety Verification Solution
Brian Davenport, Staff Engineer, Synopsys’ Verification Group; David Hsu, Director of Product Marketing, Synopsys’ Verification Group
Jun 16, 2016
Test & Repair of SoCs for Functional Safety Applications
Learn about diagnosis, debug and self-test and repair solutions for memories, logic, AMS and interface IP blocks for automotive requirements to satisfy key criteria like low DPPM.
Yervant Zorian, Fellow & Chief Architect, Synopsys; Faisal Goriawalla, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Apr 12, 2016
Impact of IP Reliability, Functional Safety & Quality in Automotive ADAS SoCs
Learn about ISO 26262 and AEC Q100 standards; latency, power, reliability and process-related design challenges; and how certified IP helps ensure functional safety, reliability and quality management.
Ron DiGiuseppe, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Dec 02, 2015
Enabling Automotive IC Design Reliability
In this webinar, we introduce the challenges facing of designers of high-reliability ICs for the automotive market, and discuss some of the proven Galaxy Design Platform IC implementation and sign-off solutions being deployed by automotive design teams worldwide.
Steve Smith, Senior Director of Marketing, Automotive Solutions
Nov 12, 2015
STMicroelectronics’ Experience: Synopsys Logic BIST for Automotive and Safety-Critical Designs
ICs targeted for safety-critical applications must be able to perform in-system self-test in compliance with functional safety standards such as ISO 26262. In this webinar, Synopsys highlights synthesis-based logic BIST that addresses the self-test requirements for safety-critical designs. Our guest speaker from STMicroelectronics presents results and details of Synopsys’ test solution successfully deployed on production designs.
Cinzia Bartolommei, Senior DFT Engineer, STMicroelectronics; Adam Cron, Principal Engineer, Synopsys; Chris Allsup, Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Jul 30, 2015
Automotive Ethernet Moving to Time-Sensitive Environments
Learn about the required network connectivity for automotive applications like ADAS and the importance of integrating Ethernet IP that is certified to be ASIL B Ready for ISO 26262 functional safety.
John Swanson, Product Line Manager, Synopsys
Jul 14, 2015
Reliability and Qualification of MTP NVM IP from Commercial to Automotive Applications
How Synopsys designs and executes on a silicon testing methodology for embedded MTP NVM IP technology, enabling SoC designers with reliable and qualified solutions for their end applications.
Martin Niset, Senior Product and Test Engineering Manager, Synopsys
Oct 05, 2011

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