IC Validator
Signoff DRC/LVS tool architected and proven for in-design physical verification at leading-edge process nodes

PrimeTime Static Timing Analysis
Golden timing signoff solution and environment

StarRC Parasitic Extraction
Industry leading parasitic extraction for digital and custom design

Galaxy Custom Designer
Modern-era choice for layout entry and editing, enabling users to meet the challenges of today's fast-moving nanometer designs

DC Explorer
Early RTL Exploration Accelerates Synthesis and P&R

DC Ultra
Best-in-class timing, area and power QoR correlated with physical results

DC Graphical
Extends topographical technology to predict & alleviate routing congestion

Power Compiler
Provides complete solution for power synthesis & optimization

Ultra High compression for maximum test cost reduction

Laker Custom Design
Custom IC design and layout solution

The industry's "gold standard" for accuracy, offers foundry-certified device models with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms.

High-performance, high-capacity FastSPICE simulation

Full-chip circuit-level simulation

TCAD Industry-Standard Process and Device Simulators

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