Synopsys Advanced Low Power Solution 

Comprehensive Solution for Low Power Design  

From mobile communications and computing to the Internet itself, energy efficiency has become the most important target for today’s design engineers. To achieve maximum energy efficiency, low power design must encompass every facet of design and verification, from software to silicon. And with design reuse and external IP now a standard part of every design flow, power intent must be captured and shared consistently across many tools and flows. With two decades of low power technology leadership, Synopsys continues to be the ideal partner for meeting your critical power goals: longer battery life, lower cooling cost, less standby power, and ultimately, greater commercial success.

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System-Level Low Power
Early consideration of power consumption maximizes impact

Low Power Verification
Identify power management bugs to reduce or eliminate respins

Formal Equivalence Checking
Comprehensive, fast, intuitive equivalence checking

AMS Verification
Analog/mixed-signal verification

Physical Implementation
Comprehensive Place and Route System

RTL Synthesis & Test
Industry's most comprehensive synthesis and test solutions

Formal Equivalence Checking
Comprehensive, fast, intuitive equivalence checking

Golden timing signoff solutions



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