Success Stories 

Mellanox Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for 400 Gb/s Network Processor with Synopsys Solutions
“The accuracy and completeness of Synopsys’ product documentation, combined with our close collaboration with Synopsys’ ready-to-go support teams, helped ease the integration process.”
Erez Shaizaf, Vice President, Mellanox Technologies

Peraso Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for 60 GHz WiGig Baseband SoC with DesignWare IP & Services
This SoC is our key product, so the IP had to work, and work the first time. DesignWare ARC Processors, USB 3.0 IP, and AMBA Interconnect offered the features that we needed, Synopsys Professional Services helped with integration, and silicon came up in the lab right away.
Brad Lynch, VP Product Development, Peraso

Movidius Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit with DesignWare USB 3.0, LPDDR3/2 & MIPI D-PHY IP
Integrating the DesignWare IP into our complex system was faster than expected, and verification of the IP in our wide range of required configurations went smoothly. Synopsys offers an optimal ‘one stop shop’ with a full portfolio of IP, verification, services, and tools. Using Synopsys helps ensure our success.
Sean Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer, Movidius

SGI: Synopsys Helps SGI Drive High-performance Computing
Silicon Graphics International Corporation (SGI) is a global leader in large-scale clustered computing, high-performance storage (HPS), high performance computing (HPC) and data center enablement and services.
Rick Chapek, Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, SGI

picoChip: Lynx Design System Accelerates picoChip's Migration to 40nm
In the competitive consumer landscape, with each new generation of products, customers expect higher levels of performance and functionality at a lower cost. For picoChip to drive the pace of these markets, rapid adoption of new technologies is essential. Synopsys' Lynx Design System helped accelerate our migration to 40-nanometer, saving at least 8 weeks of R&D schedule on our next generation design.
Will Robbins, VP, Silicon picoChip

Abilis Systems Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for Secure Media Processor Using Synopsys DesignWare IP and Lynx Design System
The combination of silicon-proven DesignWare IP products, the expertise of Synopsys’ design consultants and the Lynx Design System saved us three months of product development and enabled us to achieve first-silicon success
Pierre-Marie Signe, Principal Design Engineer, Abilis Systems

Phonak: Synopsys Professional Services Helps Phonak Establish Rapid Prototyping Flow For Ultra Low Power Designs
"The cooperation with Synopsys Professional Services helped us to successfully complete our FPGA emulation project for the next-generation platform of hearing aid devices and get an early start on software development. The collaboration was marked by very efficient communication, timely responses and quick adaptation to changes in project objectives."
Vesselin Parushev, Project Leader, Microsystems, Phonak AG

OCZ Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for SSD Controller Using Synopsys DesignWare IP and Synopsys Professional Services
There are times when projects call for third-party physical design tools and IP blocks, and we found that the combination of Synopsys’ IP, tools, and consulting services allowed us to deliver this project faster than we could have done otherwise.
Brian McMath, Technical Director, OCZ Technology

Tessera: Advanced Verification Flow Enables Rapid Generation of IP
"Synopsys Professional Services consultants brought practical, important verification expertise to our design team. They not only helped us meet the scheduled delivery of a critical design block, but they also developed and deployed a robust verification flow in the process."
Hari Chakravarthula , Director Systems Engineering, Tessera

Maxtek: Maxtek Leverages Synopsys' Services and ASIC Prototyping Solutions to Develop 12.5 GS/s Digital Receiver
"Using Synopsys Professional Services was the best choice for achieving our project’s high-performance objectives. Their FPGA design experience and prototyping expertise were key factors in our decision, and more importantly, in achieving our aggressive project objectives."
Gary Goncher, System Architect, Data Converters, Maxtek Components Corporation

Oticon: Delivering the Next Generation in Hearing Aid Technology
"Because we were moving to a new, advanced technology node and time-to-market was critical, we used Synopsys’ tapeout-proven Pilot Design Environment, which includes full implementation, formal checking, and physical verification as well as leverages best-in-class tools. We were extremely satisfied with the results achieved with IC Compiler and Pilot on our complex design."
Mogens Balsby, Director of IC Design, Oticon

Teradici: Combination of Tools, IP and Services Helps Launch StartUp
“We received first samples in early December, and immediately had critical high-speed interconnect IP and processor cores running successfully. Within another week, our most complex logic was fully operational. Having access to Synopsys’ industry leading tools, IP, and services enabled Teradici to achieve first silicon success.”
Maher Fahmi, VP Silicon Engineering, Teradici

ITRI: Establishing a New Production Flow for Low Power SoCs
“Our latest chip was developed with very challenging power optimization goals and targeting a new process node. Synopsys consultants worked closely with us to not only deliver the tapeout under a very tight schedule, but to also ensure advanced methodologies were built into our design flow. We are now recommending this flow to our 90 nanometer customers.”
Dr. David Chang, Deputy General Director, SoC Technology Center, ITRI

CYIT: Advanced Methods Ensure First-Pass Silicon Success
“As we planned this project, we wanted to work with the best technology and the best design services partner. We selected Synopsys’ Discovery Verification tools and Synopsys Professional Services and were rewarded with a successful chip tapeout and new methodologies that enhanced our design flow for our future designs.”
Professor Zhen Jianhong, General Manager, CYIT

M-Systems: First Time COT, First Time Right
“Building in-house physical design capability for a COT manufacturing model was accomplished in just 3 months with the help of Synopsys Professional Services. Functional prototypes from first silicon put us well on the way to meet our important customer deliveries.”
Michael Mostovoy, Director of ASIC Department, M-Systems

CSR: Realizing the Value of Increased Design Productivity
"Synopsys Professional Services helped us optimize our design flow and immediately realize the benefits of faster turn-around time on real designs."
Robert Young, Digital Design Manager, CSR

Datang: Efficient Design at the Lowest Cost
"Without the collaboration between Synopsys Professional Services and Datang, it would have taken extra time to tape out the COMIP chip."
Yang Yanhui, CTO of Datang Micro Electronics, Datang Micro Electronics

Sony: Successful Transition for Next Level Design
“‘Vigent’ represented a leap in design complexity for video cameras. To help Sony make the leap, Synopsys Professional Services supported two critical tape-outs for us. This support included design environment development, training in system-level modeling, and design assistance for specification, RTL verification and hierarchical ASIC handoff.”
Shingo Shimazaki, Project Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Network Company

picoChip: Fastest Path to Silicon
"Using Synopsys tools entirely with Synopsys Professional Services was the fastest way to get this powerful architecture to silicon, and then to customers."
Will Robbins, Design Director, picoChip

Leadtek: Passing Tests with Flying Colors
"We followed the Synopsys design flow, and the chip is passing tests without any problems. We will use Synopsys Professional Services and their RTL design methodology for our future chips."
Dr. Frank Cheng, Deputy Chief Engineer, Leadtek

Cray: Getting the Job Done
"We didn’t know such a solution was possible until we worked with Synopsys Professional Services."
Mike Steinberger, Circuits Manager, Cray Inc.

NEC: Successfully Tapes out Latest EMMA Chip
“IC Compiler along with Synopsys Professional Services enables a predictable flow that requires fewer iterations for a successful tapeout.”
Masao Hirasawa, General Manager, Digital Consumer LSI Division, NEC Electronics Corporation

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