EZChip, Now Part of Mellanox, Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for NPS-400 Processor with Synopsys Solutions
“Synopsys’ silicon-proven solutions enabled fast integration into our NPS-400 networking design, on-schedule tapeout, and first-silicon success.”
Erez Shaizaf, Vice President, Chip Design, Mellanox

Inuitive Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for NU3000 Multi-Core Signal Processor with DesignWare USB 3.0, DDR, MIPI, and Foundation IP
“Integrating market-proven DesignWare USB 3.0, DDR, MIPI and Foundation IP was the right choice for us because first-silicon success was the only option.”
Dor Zepeniuk, Vice President of R&D, Inuitive

DesignWare UFS, UniPro and M-PHY IP Enable First-Pass Silicon Success for SK Hynix
“By using Synopsys’ DesignWare UFS, UniPro and M-PHY IP, optimized for power and performance, we were able to integrate the IP in two weeks, speed our design schedule by six months and achieve volume production.”
J. W. Park, Senior Engineer, SK Hynix

MegaChips Meets Aggressive Performance & TTM Targets with DesignWare SATA IP
"DesignWare SATA IP met all of our high performance and time-to-market requirements without compromise. As the IP is successfully shipping in hundreds of designs, we had no doubt about its reliability and quality."
Seiji Takenobu, Department Manager, MegaChips

KYOCERA Meets Power, Cost & Time-to-Market Goals with DesignWare IP
"With Synopsys' silicon-proven, high-quality DesignWare IP, we accelerated our time-to-market by up to a year and delivered energy-efficient products."
Sr. Manager, R&D Development 31, Software 3 R&D Division, Corporate Software Development Division, Yoshihiro Osada, KYOCERA Document Solutions, Inc.

Rockchip Achieves First Silicon Success with DesignWare USB, HDMI & MIPI IP
"Success in the fast-moving mobile market requires every advantage available. We gained a competitive edge by integrating DesignWare USB, HDMI, and MIPI IP into our mobile application processor SoC."
Cottice Lee, Chip Design Director, Rockchip

Fast Integration of DesignWare IP for PCI Express Enables Nitero's First-Pass Silicon Success for Mobile 60GHz SoC
"Selecting Synopsys DesignWare IP and design tools for our low-power NT4600 Wi-Fi SoC enabled us to integrate the IP in just a few weeks, helped us meet our aggressive tapeout schedule, and provided a seamless end-to-end design process, resulting in first-silicon success."
Sebastian Ahmed, Vice President of Engineering, Nitero

Movidius Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit with DesignWare USB 3.0, LPDDR3/2 & MIPI D-PHY IP
"Selecting Synopsys DesignWare IP and design tools for our low-power, high-performance Myriad 2 VPU gave us peace of mind, a seamless and mature end-to-end design process, and most importantly, first-silicon success.”
Sean Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer, Movidius

Solarflare Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for 10/40G Network Controllers with DesignWare IP for PCI Express 3.0
"Using high-quality DesignWare IP for PCI Express for the last ten-plus years has helped assure our success in the competitive networking market."
Derek Roberts, Vice President of Hardware Architecture, Solarflare

SunplusIT Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for Webcam SoC with DesignWare USB 3.0 PHY & Controller IP
"Our customers requested that we move quickly to upgrade our webcams to the USB 3.0 specification, so we needed reliable USB 3.0 IP. By using DesignWare USB 3.0 IP, our silicon rollout went exactly as planned."
G.T. Hsiao, R&D Manager, SunplusIT

Peraso Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for 60 GHz WiGig Baseband SoC with DesignWare IP & Services
"This SoC is our key product, so the IP had to work, and work the first time. DesignWare ARC Processors, USB 3.0 IP, and AMBA Interconnect offered the features that we needed, Synopsys Professional Services helped with integration, and silicon came up in the lab right away."
Brad Lynch, VP Product Development, Peraso

Zenverge Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for ZN200 Media Content Transcoder using DesignWare IP for USB, DDR, and PCI Express
"With our tight timeframes, first-time-right silicon is key for us to absolutely minimize our customers’ time-to-market. Using production-proven DesignWare PHY and Controller IP from Synopsys reduced our design risk to help us get our large, complex design working and bug-free quickly”
Kent Goodin, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Zenverge

Amlogic Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success and Accelerates Time-to-Market by Six Months with Synopsys DesignWare HDMI RX IP and ARC Processors
"Working with Synopsys is much easier than working with other vendors that provide similar IP. Synopsys tools and IP work together seamlessly, ultimately speeding up our time-to-market. We plan to use Synopsys for our future digital TV SoCs.”
Michael Mo, Senior Director of Business Development and Product Marketing, Amlogic

Leadcore Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success on Smartphone Application Processor with DesignWare MIPI IP
“With the tight time-to-market windows in the mobile market, we needed an IP supplier that would provide high-quality and reliable solutions. Synopsys DesignWare IP exceeded our expectations and helped us get to market four months sooner than originally planned.”
Dijun Liu, Vice President, Leadcore Technology Co., Ltd

Abilis Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for Secure Media Processor Using Synopsys DesignWare IP and Lynx Design System
“One of the most valuable contributions of Synopsys’ DesignWare IP is that it works the first time. We did not want to spend our valuable resources on developing IP, so using easy-to-integrate, proven IP from a trusted partner was critical to our success.”
Pierre-Marie Signe, Principal Design Engineer, Abilis Systems

Lantiq Meets Aggressive Performance Targets for 300 Mbps Bonded VDSL2 Home Gateway SoCs with DesignWare IP for PCI Express 2.0
"Synopsys DesignWare IP enabled us to achieve the aggressive performance targets we required for our next-generation home gateway solution."
Mario Traeber, Senior Director of R&D, Lantiq

OCZ Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for SSD Controller Using DesignWare IP and Synopsys Professional Services
"There are times when projects call for third-party physical design tools and IP blocks, and we found that the combination of Synopsys’ IP, tools, and consulting services allowed us to deliver this project faster than we could have done otherwise."
Brian McMath, Technical Director, OCZ Technology

Fujitsu Semiconductor Selects DesignWare DigRFv4 M-PHY and DigRF 3G PHY IP for 2G/3G/4G Baseband Design
"With our customer's chips designed into leading 4G networks around the world, it is critical that we provide the best ASIC service with proven high-speed interfaces. We selected DesignWare DigRFv4 M-PHY and DigRF 3G PHY IP because of Synopsys' expertise and track record of delivering high-quality solutions."
Daisuke Yamazaki, Design Department, Wireless Solution Division, Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd.

Case Study: InfoTM Microelectronics and DesignWare USB IP
"Synopsys' reliability made us believe that integrating USB in our SoC would be problem-free, and it was."
Chuck Liu, Engineering Manager, InfoTM Microelectronics Co., Ltd

Case Study: Sunplus IT and DesignWare USB 3.0 IP
"Synopsys' USB IP brings a highly integrated device controller and PHY to my project."
Jimmy Lee, Design Engineer, Sunplus IT

Case Study: Guangdong Nufront CSC CO., LTD and DesignWare USB IP
Saved 9-12 staff months in development and integration, and 31-40% in power consumption, over competitive USB IP alternatives.
Zhaolu Tan, Engineer, Guangdong Nufront CSC CO., Ltd

Case Study: Hisense and DesignWare USB IP
"It's so easy to integrate Synopsys IP into our SoC that it saved us time-to-market."
Shoulei Zhao, Design Engineer, Hisense Company Limited

Parrot Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success with Synopsys DesignWare Audio Analog Codec and USB 2.0 IP
"To put it simply, we chose Synopsys IP because of the high-quality products that they deliver. We appreciate that the IP, documentation, and support are very controlled and organized. The quality of Synopsys' IP exceeded our expectations and enabled us to achieve first-pass silicon success."
Pierre Danzas, ASIC Sourcing Manager, Parrot

Realtek Achieves First Silicon Success for Industry's First Certified USB 3.0 Card Reader with DesignWare USB 3.0 IP
"Integrating Synopsys USB 3.0 IP into our design enabled us to tape out earlier than our competitors and be the industry's first to earn USB-IF certification for a USB 3.0 card reader."
Chi-Feng Wu, Director of Research and Design Center, Realtek

Siglead Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success with DesignWare SATA, DDR and DesignWare Library
"Synopsys' reputation as an established provider of silicon-proven IP was a key factor in our decision to use DesignWare IP solutions in our SSD Controller LSI. The quality of Synopsys' IP exceeded our expectations and enabled us to achieve first-pass silicon success."
Mitsuyoshi Ito, Director, System Solutions Division, Siglead



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