Siglead Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success with DesignWare SATA, DDR and DesignWare Library
"Synopsys' reputation as an established provider of silicon-proven IP was a key factor in our decision to use DesignWare IP solutions in our SSD Controller LSI. The quality of Synopsys' IP exceeded our expectations and enabled us to achieve first-pass silicon success."
Mitsuyoshi Ito, Director, System Solutions Division, Siglead

eRide Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for High-Sensitivity GPS SoC with DesignWare IP for the AMBA Interconnect
"Using Synopsys' silicon-proven DesignWare IP for AMBA allowed us to accomplish a tremendous amount of work with minimal resources and achieve first-pass success. We would not have met our project schedule without it."
Thomas O'Connell, Senior Logic Designer, eRide

Anchor Chips Incorporates the DesinWare DW8051 to Create Award-Winning EZ-USB Controller
“We were really surprised at the speed and ease with which our engineers were able to get the DW8051 core up and running.”
Steven Larky, IC Design Manager, Anchor Chips

Seamless transition from FPGA Prototype to ASIC Slashes Inari’s Time-to-Market with DW 8051
"To make the transition to a 0.18 micron ASIC seamless, we used Synopsys Design Compiler."
Mark Halvorsen, Product Development Manager, Inari

Creative Technology and Synopsys Team for Design Productivity
"We are very happy with the results of Synopsys’ HLD solution and will incorporate this new design methodology in our future projects."
Christophe Bouquet and Niranjan, Engineers in the Singapore design team, Creative Technology

Apple Computer Designs Interactive TV Set-Top Box ASIC with Behavioral Complier
"After a month, I was no longer asking ‘how do I code this?’; instead, I could concentrate on the design functionality."
David Black, Design Engineer, Apple Computer

LANCity Adopts Design Reuse with DesignWare Library to Bring Low-Cost, High-Speed Cable TV Modem to Consumer Market
"DesignWare is critical for a design reuse methodology because it provides a technology-independent core. With DesignWare and a commitment to a design reuse methodology, the vendor selection can be a business decision first and a technology decision second."
Kurt Baty, Design Consultant, LANCity

Symbol Technologies Chooses Synopsys DesignWare DW 8051 for Design Reuse Capability
"The greatest value of the DW8051 to our company is the ability to reuse not only the core itself in future designs, but also all the support logic and debugging tools that were created specifically for the DW8051 in our first design."
Bill Sackett, Senior Digital ASIC Engineer, Symbol Technologies

Atmel Selects Synopsys DesignWare DW 8051 for Performance and Speed to Design
"We needed a core that would work immediately and be flexible enough to meet our customer’s requirements. The DW8051 from Synopsys was exactly what we were looking for."
Kevin McDermott, Business Development Manager, Atmel

NEC Reduces Design Time with Synopsys Module Compiler and DesignWare Foundation
"Handcrafting would never have allowed us to meet our schedule. Using DesignWare Foundation, we were able to slash the floating point design time from one month to one hour."
Shingo Ono, Senior Manager,4th Engineering Department, Computer Division, NEC Software Shikoku, Ltd.

Nvidia Captures High-Performance 3D Market with DesignWare Library
"Synopsys DesignWare IP Library gives us the performance we need to be competitive."
Chris Malachowsky, Vice President of Engineering, NVIDIA



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