DesignWare IP for Digital Home 

Market Overview 

The digital home market consists of a variety of multimedia entertainment devices functioning together as an integrated home network. As consumers continue to incorporate more media-rich content into their homes, the demand for complex systems that deliver the highest quality user experience is rapidly growing. This demand translates into the need for highly integrated systems-on-chip (SoCs) that provide high performance and exceptional processing capabilities. To speed development cycles, reduce risk and lower cost of these integrated circuits (ICs), designers are turning to IP to meet their critical time to market windows.


DesignWare IP for Digital Home
Synopsys offers a comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven, high-quality digital and mixed-signal IP, which helps designers develop complex, feature-rich SoCs for digital home applications such as digital TV, set-top box and digital video recorders. Synopsys provides designers with DesignWare IP solutions that are optimized for digital home applications by providing support for advanced process technologies and high system performance.

IP Highlights
  • Mixed-Signal PHY IP supports leading process technologies from 40nm to advanced 28nm
  • High-performance connectivity IP such as PCI Express 2.0 operating at 5.0 Gbps and DDR IP operating at speeds up to 1600 Mbps
  • Silicon proven, shipping in volume IP
Example of a typical digital home SoC subsystem with DesignWare IP

  • Set-top Box - HD & PVR, Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV
  • Blu-ray DVD Player/Recorder
  • HD-ready TV, Integrated DTV
  • Home Network
  • Residential Gateway

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