Automatically Generate a Software Development Kit for Your In-House Processor Using an ASIP Tool
Learn how a tool-based approach using Synopsys' ASIP Designer can shrink the time and effort required to create a fully-featured SDK and can minimize the maintenance and support effort required.
Steve Cox, Sr. Mgr. Business Development, Processor Technologies, Synopsys
Oct 27, 2015
How to Optimize your Application-Specific Processor (ASIP)
Attend this webinar to gain a demonstration of the architectural exploration flow based on IP Designer, Synopsys' ASIP design tool.
Werner Geurts, CAE Manager, Synopsys
Jan 21, 2015
Case Study: Application-Specific Processors (ASIP) for the Design of Wireless SoCs
In this webinar we will use several real-world examples to highlight why ASIPs can offer computational performance close to fixed-function hardware blocks, providing instruction-level and data-level parallelism, as well as by introducing specialized hardware operators.
Markus Willems, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Apr 15, 2014

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