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Sep 30, 2015Fuji Xerox Reduces Silicon Area by More than 50 Percent Using Synopsys ASIP Designer
Synopsys' Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processor Tool Enabled Rapid Exploration and Optimization of Processor Architecture for Multi-Function Printer Application

Mar 25, 2015New Synopsys ASIP Designer Tool Speeds Development of Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processors by 5X
Automatic Generation of the Software Development Kit in Parallel with the Hardware Model Enables Rapid Architectural Exploration to Optimize ASIPs for Power, Performance and Area

Nov 06, 2014KYOCERA Document Solutions Uses Synopsys’ Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processor Tool to Accelerate Design of High-Performance Image Processing DSP
Processor Designer Tool Enables KYOCERA Design Team to Reduce Overall Project Schedule by Nine Months

Jul 09, 2013Fujitsu Laboratories Implements Custom Processor for 3G/LTE Modem with Synopsys’ Processor Designer
Custom DSP Reduces Power Consumption by 20 Percent Compared to Other Commercially-Available DSP IP

Apr 25, 2013Synopsys Unveils Embedded Vision Development System
Reduces Development Time for Power- and Performance Optimized Application-Specific Processors from Months to Weeks

Feb 11, 2013Synopsys Signs Multiyear Collaboration Agreement with ARM for Early Software Development of ARMv8 Processors
New Virtualizer Development Kits for ARMv8 Processors Enable Early Software Development Up To One Year in Advance of Silicon

Jan 25, 2012Yamaha Standardizes on Synopsys' Processor Designer after Cutting DSP Development Time in Half
Processor Designer Doubles Functionality for XMP-1 Sound Generator Device while Reducing Development Cost

Jul 20, 2011Ricoh Adopts Synopsys - Processor Designer to Accelerate Custom DSP Design

Mar 07, 2011Yokogawa Achieves 5X Faster Programmable Logic Controller Performance with Synopsys' Processor Designer
Using Processor Designer, Yokogawa saved significant development and verification time by automatically generating software development tools. As part of Synopsys’ System-Level Design portfolio, Processor Designer automates the design of custom processors giving IP block designers an easy-to-use, high performance alternative to creating fixed processing hardware or application-specific processors in-house.

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