DesignWare ARC Operating Systems 


Synopsys enables programmability for market-ready solution verticals by offering choice and flexibility in operating systems. From the DesignWare® ARC® MQX RTOS to Linux, and third party operating systems, Synopsys has what is required for fast development times, low risk and software reuse. The choice of operating system depends on the target application. Users must ask the following questions when choosing an operating system:
  • Is this a high-level application or deeply-embedded project?
  • Is the OS running on the Host CPU or within a DesignWare ARC subsystem?
  • Is memory protection required?
  • How much memory is available for OS use?
  • Will the end-customer be accessing the OS APIs?

The answers to these questions will help steer the decision towards a deeply-embedded RTOS or a full blown Linux-based operating system.

  • Choose from the pre-optimized operating systems for DesignWare ARC subsystems and configurable processor cores
  • Minimize risk by taking advantage of Synopsys' excellent support and services
  • Reuse existing software on the OS of your choice
  • Parallelize hardware and software development with integrated co-design and simulation tools
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  • Products

The MQX RTOS is at the center of a wide array of MQX software protocol stacks, file systems and other run-time components, all compatible with the MQX RTOS that enhance the capabilities of today's advanced embedded devices

  • Linux Kernel
  • Optimized Linux kernel port for ARC CPU with memory management unit more

ARC Linux allows DesignWare ARC software developers to leverage a large amount of Linux-compatible application software to quickly build complex systems using open source components

Support for ARC processor cores by leading embedded hardware and software vendors to enable developers to choose the best tools for the job

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