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Mar 02, 2015Synopsys and Hillcrest Labs Announce Ultra-Low Power Sensor Processing Solution for Always-On Applications
Combination of Synopsys’ Sensor and Control IP Subsystem with ARC EM Processor and Hillcrest Labs’ Freespace MotionEngine Software Enables Power-Efficient Sensor Processing for Mobile and Wearable Devices

Mar 02, 2015Synopsys and Sensory, Inc. Deliver Ultra-Low Power Voice Control Solution for Mobile, Automotive and Consumer Applications
Sensory TrulyHandsfree Voice Control Software Optimized for Synopsys’ DesignWare ARC EM5D Processor Consumes as Little as 0.9 Microwatts in Detection Mode and 40 Microwatts in Recognition Mode

Feb 26, 2015Synopsys’ embARC Open Software Platform Accelerates Development of ARC-based Embedded Systems for the Internet of Things
Online Access to Open Source Drivers, Operating Systems and Middleware Expands Ecosystem Support for Software Developers Implementing ARC Processor-based Designs

Oct 29, 2014Synopsys' New DesignWare Sensor and Control IP Subsystem Delivers Ultra Low Power Sensor and Control Processing for SoCs
Integrated IP Subsystem, Including ARC EM DSP Processors, Floating Point Unit and Control Peripherals, Improves Performance, Energy Consumption and Design Flexibility

Oct 14, 2014New DesignWare ARC HS38 Processor Doubles Performance for Embedded Linux Applications
Successor to Popular ARC 770D Core Delivers Significant Performance Increase, Support for 40-bit Physical Addresses and L2 Cache

Jun 02, 2014Synopsys Redefines the IP Supplier Paradigm with New IP Accelerated Initiative
New DesignWare IP Development Kits and Customized Subsystems Accelerate Prototyping, Software Development and Integration of IP into SoCs

May 29, 2014Synopsys Introduces DesignWare ARC Processors Optimized for Low-Power Embedded DSP Applications
New ARC EM5D and EM7D Cores Combine High-Efficiency Control and Signal Processing to Minimize Energy Use in Sensor, Voice and Audio Processing

May 08, 2014Synopsys Introduces Optimized DTS-HD Decoder for DesignWare ARC Audio Processors
Certified Decoder Supports Multiple DTS Audio Formats with High-Quality Audio Streaming for Internet-Connected Products

Feb 24, 2014Synopsys Launches DesignWare ARC Software Development Platforms to Accelerate Software Development of ARC Processor-based SoC Designs
Pre-Verified Hardware and Software Platforms Integrate ARC Processors, Peripherals, Operating Systems and Software Development Tools to Enable Immediate Productivity

Feb 11, 2014Synopsys and Alango Technologies Deliver Voice Communication Package for DesignWare ARC Audio Processors
Integrated Audio Processing Solution Includes Proven Voice Enhancement Technologies that Speed Time-to-Market for Developers of Mobile and Stationary Communication SoCs

Dec 09, 2013Abilis Systems Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success with DesignWare ARC Processors, Interface IP and Synopsys Professional Services
Silicon-Proven DesignWare IP, Lynx Design System and Consulting Services Reduce Integration Risk and Reduce Time-to-Market by Three Months

Nov 05, 2013Synopsys Announces DesignWare ARC HS Processors for Next-Generation Embedded Data and Signal Processing Systems
New Performance-Efficient Design Optimized for Maximum DMIPS/mm2 and DMIPS/milliwatt

Oct 15, 2013Synopsys Introduces DesignWare ARC EM SEP Processor for Safety-Compliant Automotive Systems
Integrated Safety Features and ASIL D Ready Compiler Ease Development of ISO 26262-Compliant SoC Designs

Aug 12, 2013Synopsys Introduces Dolby MS11 Decoder for DesignWare ARC Audio Processors
Support for Dolby Laboratories' Multistream Decoding Expands Portfolio of ARC Audio Codecs

Jul 30, 2013Synopsys Launches Ultra-Low Power IP Subsystem for Sensors
Configurable Hardware and Software IP Solution Enables Rapid Integration of Sensor Functionality into SoCs

May 29, 2013Synopsys Introduces Starter Kit for DesignWare ARC EM Processors
Versatile Platform for Software Development Shortens Time-to-Market for Design Teams Using ARC EM Processor Cores

Mar 26, 2012Synopsys Unveils Industry's First Complete Audio IP Subsystem
Integrated, Configurable Hardware and Software Solution Enables "Drop-in" Audio Functionality Supporting Latest Audio Standards

May 11, 2011Synopsys DesignWare ARC Sound IP Solution First to Support the Dynamic Resolution Adaptation Audio Standard
DesignWare ARC Sound DRA Decoder Supports the Chinese National High-Definition Audio Standard and Enables an Enhanced, High-Quality Audio Experience

Nov 18, 2010Synopsys Announces Immediate Availability of the DesignWare ARC Processor Core for Blu-ray Disc Players
DesignWare ARC AS 221 BD and 600 Family Enhancements Improve Overall System Performance, While Reducing SoC Power and Silicon Area

Sep 02, 2010Synopsys Completes Acquisition of Virage Logic

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