DesignWare ARC EM Processor Core Family 

Unrivaled Performance Efficiency for Your Embedded Application 

The DesignWare® ARC® EM Family of embedded processor cores is based on the scalable ARCv2 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and is optimized for performance efficiency (DMIPS/mW and DMIPS/mm2). The ARC EM family includes the EM4 (cacheless) and EM6 (instruction and data caches) processor cores, designed for use in power and area-sensitive embedded applications. They offer industry-leading performance efficiency of up to 1.77 DMIPS/MHz, with minimal area and power consumption.

The EM Processors are highly-configurable and extensible, enabling designers to implement each core with the optimum combination of performance, code density, area and power consumption for the specific task or application.

The EM Family of processor cores is supported by a robust ecosystem of software and hardware development tools, including an easy to use and low-cost ARC EM Starter Kit for early software development, the MQX real-time operating system (RTOS), and a portfolio of third-party tools, operating systems and middleware from leading industry vendors through the ARC Access Program.

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  • Products
  • ARC EM4
  • Ultra-compact and power-efficient cacheless 32-bit processor more

Ideal for embedded and deeply embedded applications such as sensors and actuators, memory cards, SSD controllers, 8- and 16-bit microcontroller replacement and battery-operated products.

  • ARC EM6
  • Ultra-compact and power-efficient 32-bit processor with I & D caches more

Optimized for use in embedded and deeply embedded applications that are power- and cost-sensitive such as memory cards, SSD controllers, power management, portable media players and other mobile devices.

  • Safety Enhancement Package (SEP) Core for automotive safety applications more

For use in ISO 26262 embedded automotive safety-compliant applications, ARC EM SEP integrates hardware safety features, which enable ASIL D compliance, into a highly efficient and compact processor.

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