Customer Successes  

Fuji Xerox Develops Scanned Image Data Processing ASIP for Full-Color Digital Multifunction Device Using Synopsys ASIP Designer
“By using Synopsys’ ASIP Designer tool, we were able to reduce gate count by 70%, which enabled us to implement our design in an FPGA and retain the required system performance of printing 70 pages a minute with our multifunction printer.”
Noriaki Tsuchiya, Manager, Controller Development Group, Fuji Xerox

Siglead Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for SSD Controller IC with Synopsys DesignWare IP and ARC Processors
“Synopsys’ reputation as an established provider of silicon-proven IP was a key factor in our decision to use ARC processor IP in our SSD Controller LSI. The best-in-class ARC cores are easy to configure and we were confident that they would provide the flexibility and performance we needed to meet our design and schedule goals.”
Yasuyuki Matsumoto, Director, Digital Solution Division, Siglead

MegaChips Meets Aggressive Performance and Time-to-Market Targets for SSD Flash Controllers with DesignWare SATA IP
"DesignWare SATA IP met all of our high performance and time-to-market requirements without compromise. As the IP is successfully shipping in hundreds of designs, we had no doubt about its reliability and quality."
Seiji Takenobu, Department Manager, MegaChips

Marvell Reduces Networking SoC Die Size by 10% with DesignWare STAR Memory System Multi-Memory Bus Processor
“Synopsys’ STAR Memory System and Multi-Memory Bus Processor is unique to the industry. No competitive solution can match its flexibility, high test coverage, and ability to minimize test area, power and cost.”
Gevorg Torjyan, Principal Architect, Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.

KYOCERA Meets Power, Cost and Time-to-Market Goals for Multifunction Printer Chipsets With DesignWare IP
"With Synopsys' silicon-proven, high-quality DesignWare IP, we accelerated our time-to-market by up to a year and delivered energy-efficient products."
Sr. Manager, R&D Development 31, Software 3 R&D Division, Corporate Software Development Division, Yoshihiro Osada, KYOCERA Document Solutions, Inc.

Rockchip Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for Mobile Application Processor SoC with DesignWare USB, HDMI & MIPI IP
"Success in the fast-moving mobile market requires every advantage available. We gained a competitive edge by integrating DesignWare USB, HDMI, and MIPI IP into our mobile application processor SoC."
Cottice Lee, Chip Design Director, Rockchip



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