The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards 

Practical insights for creating technical standards 

A collection of wisdom and learning over a twenty year period working with colleagues, competitors and standards organizations to bring about standards such as SystemVerilog, VMM and UPF. The text focuses on technical standards, the climate in which standards are created and offers ways to improve the standardization process. Real world examples are included from the EDA industry and other technology industries, as the ten commandments can be applicable beyond EDA.

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Technical Standards play an important role in business as well as everyday living. They provide opportunities for market growth and competition. They enable interoperability. They make consumers happier. They bring order out of chaos. Learn how to implement them successfully with The “Ten Commandments for Effective Standards.”

Bringing her experience to the standards arena for over 20 years

"Karen is the best in her field. Candid and concise, the ‘Ten Commandments for Effective Standards’ is a must read for individuals interested in developing industry standards. Packed with wisdom and practical insights, readers will be able to apply the learnings."

– Shrenik Mehta, Chairman, Accellera; and former Senior Director, Microelectronics, Sun Microsystems.

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