Seminar Series 2016 


The Synopsys Seminars are a forum for members of the electronic design community to get the latest information on design automation solutions, methodologies and standards. Intended for IC design, process and verification engineers and managers, these FREE technical seminars are a resource to help accelerate innovation!

Hardware & Software System Verification And Validation Seminar

In this half-day seminar, Synopsys will provide an overview of its Verification Continuum, a comprehensive verification platform built from the industry’s fastest engines for simulation, static and formal verification, debug, emulation, FPGA-based prototyping and virtual prototyping.
July 20th, 2016

Introduction to Flash-based FPGAs and Synthesis Techniques for Safety-Critical Applications

This seminar is focused on flash based FPGA design for safety-critical applications, which will introduce solutions from Microsemi and Synopsys. People attending this seminar will learn about Microsemi’s Igloo2 and SmartFusion2 SoCs, which combine flash based FPGA technology with high performance interfaces and flash memory on a single FPGA. In addition, attendees will learn about Synopsys’ Synplify FPGA design targeting these FPGA devices from Microsemi.
May 31st, 2016

Technology Symposium 2016 Synopsys Munich

This FREE one day Technology Symposium for established and emerging nodes provides an opportunity for users to stay connected with the latest IC Compiler II technologies. Like achieving aggressive Performance, Power and Area goals, innovations in concurrent top and block SDC handling and how to efficiently use GUI features especially during timing debug and DRC fixing. Experts will discuss helpful TCL coding and debugging routines, introduction of a new jitter constraining method in Primetime. And we are going to discuss Power Mesh creation and verification techniques.
June 22nd, 2016

Synopsys Implementation Lunch & Learn - Sophia

FREE Technical Lunch & Learn on the latest information on Synopsys products, specifically on the Synopsys Front End implementation flow. Find out how the 2016.03 Design-Compiler Family can help to address your biggest design challenges while reducing the turnaround time.
June 7th, 2016

Technology Open Days 2016.03 Update Training

These deeply technical events are designed to ensure that you achieve the highest value and productivity from the latest releases of your Synopsys tool investment. Aimed at Engineers and Engineering Managers, these single day events will cover the updates for the Galaxy implementation products of the K-2015.2 and L-2016.03 release including service pack enhancements. The sessions will provide detailed presentations on synthesis, sign-off, low-power, equivalence checking, and test highlighting new capabilities to improve engineers debugging skills.
Various locations
April – May 2016

Saber Seminar - Detroit

Attend the Synopsys Saber Seminar in Detroit and learn how our customers and partners are using Saber to address their power system verification needs. Learn from Synopsys engineers how new functional safety, advanced modeling and automation, and electrical system design and verification technologies will help quickly deliver innovative new designs to the vehicle market place that meet or exceed the emerging new standards.
April 7, 2016

Synopsys IoT Seminar in Munich

Free IoT Seminar where you will learn about the tangible benefits the Synopsys’ IP strategy and the IP solutions derived from it, will help you not only to expedite the time to market but also to lower the hurdle for those considering custom designs.
April 7, 2016