Charles Babbage Grant 

Create an IC Design Lab at Your University 
British mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage designed and built mechanical computing machines on principles that anticipated the modern electronic computers of today over 150 years ago. In the spirit of Charles Babbage, Synopsys created the Charles Babbage Grant to support universities worldwide with state-of-the -art electronic design automation (EDA) tools and technology to advance teaching, enable academic research, foster innovation and promote careers in EDA.

The Charles Babbage Grant provides for the development of an IC design lab that includes:

  • A 2-year license of the complete Synopsys University Tool Package
  • Free training, high-quality support and curriculum development assistance
  • Compute hardware equipment capable of supporting the Synopsys tools in a lab for ~15-20 students

The Charles Babbage Grant will be given each year to select universities that are involved in the following activities:

  • Development and teaching of curricula using Synopsys tools at graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Research involving EDA technologies, design methodologies, etc.
  • Research directly with Synopsys business units involved in tool development
  • Projects involving significant advances in technology using EDA tools

How to Apply
To apply for the Charles Babbage Grant, simply complete the online grant proposal form. The grant proposal form should be completed by a university Professor who is authorized to make such a request on behalf of the university and who will also be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information submitted. The university may be contacted for additional information to help make a final selection.

Selection Process
Selection is at the sole discretion of Synopsys. The Synopsys university program team will review the applications and select the most qualified university for the grant - All applications must be submitted by October 30th each year in order to be considered eligible.

Recipient Responsibilities*
By accepting the Charles Babbage grant, university agrees to the following:

  • Submit an annual update on all teaching and research projects that involve the use of Synopsys tools and hardware
  • Participate on the Synopsys Curricula Advisory Board for the term of the license
  • Donate courseware used at the university that incorporates use of Synopsys tools to share with other University Program members
  • Contribute content such as technical papers and feature articles to the university program on a regular basis
  • Publish an external engineering department webpage to detail receipt of the Charles Babbage Grant and all activities relating to use of the donated tools and hardware.

Announcing the Grant Recipient
The university that receives the grant will host an award ceremony for the inauguration of the lab that includes the Synopsys EDA software and accompanying compute hardware. Synopsys will issue a press release about the grant and provide a plaque and signage for the lab. Additional joint marketing opportunities may be explored upon acceptance of the grant.

2011 Charles Babbage Grant Recipient
Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Previous Charles Babbage Grant Recipients
2011 Princess Sumaya University for Technology
2010 San Francisco State University
2009 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
2009 University of Southampton
2008 North Carolina State University
2007 Case Western Reserve University
2006 San Jose State University
2006 Purdue University
2005 Syracuse University
2005 Southern Methodist University

* Grant recipient is required to sign a Synopsys University End-User License Agreement.

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