SNUG Silicon Valley Keynote 

SNUG 2012

Dr. Chenming Hu
Dr. Chenming Hu
Professor Emeritus & Former CTO TSMC
UC Berkeley

SNUG 2012 Keynote - Dr. Chenming Hu - 3D FinFET - New Structure Extends the Life of the Transistor!

3D FinFET - New Structure Rejuvenates Transistor!
MOSFETs are undergoing the most drastic transformation in nearly 50 years. What’s driving this change and how will the move to 3D FinFET impact IC technology? What are these new transistors? What demands will they place on EDA tools and the design community? Professor Hu will provide insight into the driving factors behind these new transistors and how these transistors will enable the continued use of existing infrastructures of circuit and system designs, as well as device fabrication, for decades to come.