SNUG Canada 

Brookstreet Hotel 

Ottawa, ON
October 1, 2013

SNUG Canada is your opportunity to learn, share and engage with your fellow Synopsys technology users. In addition to an exceptional technical program that will give you practical information you can apply to your current project or use to jump-start your next design, SNUG also offers plenty of opportunities to share experiences, network with other users and meet with Synopsys experts to learn about the newest products and preview future technology direction.


Conference Proceedings
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SNUG thanks the members of the Technical Committee who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure SNUG’s technical quality, local perspective and value to the users of Synopsys tools and technology.

User Technical Chairperson
Jay Wasserman, Analog Devices, Inc.

Al Czamara, Test Evolution
Al Conti, The MITRE Corp.
Alex Tetelbaum, LSI
Andy Copperhall, Consultant
Avishek Panigrahi, Xilinx
Brian Kane, Northrop Grumman Corp.
Chris Kiegle, IBM
Dinesh Tyagi, Innovative Logic Inc.
Don Mills, LCDM Engineering
Frank Szorc, Linear Technology
Heath Chambers, HMC Design Verification, Inc.
John Dickol, Samsung
John Wei, Alchip Technologies
Jonathan Wolfe, Samsung
Jonah Probell, Arteris
Leah Clark, Broadcom Corp.
Mark Sprague, AMD
Mike Bartley, Test and Verification Solutions, Ltd.
Neel Das, SMSC
Paul Stein, Dept of Defense
Priyank Parakh, AMD
Rich Burgess, AMD
Rick Furtner, Consultant
Ron Goodstein, First Shot Logic Simulation and Design
Ronald Kalim, Consultant