GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys share signoff best practices for 20/14-nm - Traditional Mandarin
This webinar will outline the essential elements of an effective advanced node signoff flow with PrimeTime and StarRC.
Adrian Au-Yeung, Member of Technical Staff, GLOBALFOUDARIES; James Chuang, Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Oct 29, 2014

Advanced-Node Variability Characterization and STA Margining with SiliconSmart and PrimeTime
Learn about the new slew-/load-dependent POCV delay model, and hear GLOBALFOUNDRIES describe their experiences using SiliconSmart and PrimeTime to implement a variation-based methodology for advanced
Dr. Tamer Ragheb, SMTS Design CAD Engineer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Moninder Bansal, Senior Manager, Corporate Applications Engineering, Synopsys
Jun 11, 2014

Counting Down to 10 nm: GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys Perspective on Future Extraction
GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys will discuss the implications for extraction as foundries move to the next level of die shrink at 10nm.
Jongwook Kye, Fellow, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Beifang Qiu, Senior R&D Manager, Synopsys
Apr 30, 2014

Higher Yield, Faster Ramp
Thomas Berndt discusses design-centric methods for yield learning
Thomas Berndt
Jul 25, 2012