Optimized Implementation for ARM Powered® SoCs 


Synopsys offers comprehensive solutions to help you quickly achieve the target frequency and energy efficiency for your ARM Powered® SoCs. Working with ARM on synthesizable processors since 1997, Synopsys has offered optimized ARM® processor implementation solutions including Galaxy Implementation and Discovery Verification Platform tools, methodology and services. Today, the majority of advanced SoCs based on ARM processors are designed using Synopsys solutions.

Synopsys' solutions include: tool scripts tuned for implementing high-performance cores, pre-optimized Reference Implementations for specific ARM processor cores, the Lynx Design System for processor- and SoC-optimized design flows, low power methodology and tools, high-speed DesignWare Memory Compilers and Logic Libraries and expert design services.

  • Optimized Solutions


The result of a focused collaboration between Synopsys and ARM, Synopsys' Reference Implementations (RIs) for ARM Cortex®-A73, ARM Cortex®-A72 , Cortex-A53 MPCore, Cortex-A15 MPCore and Cortex-A7 MPCore processor clusters as well as CoreLink CCI-400 interconnect and Mali™ T760 (“Skrymir”) GPU provide designers pre-optimized implementation scripts (based on HPC scripts and optimized for the requirements of the specific cores), floorplans, constraints and documentation for specific processor configurations and technologies. The RI collateral is available for download through SolvNet.

Using these RIs, designers can bring the Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 processors and CCI-400 interconnect together to create ARM big.LITTLE™ processing subsystems.

The High-Performance Core (HPC) scripts are tuned versions of Synopsys' Reference Methodology (RM) tool scripts for delivering optimal results on high performance processor cores. These scripts take advantage of the latest Galaxy tool features for high performance with low power and can be used by design teams as a starting point for any high-performance core implementation. The High Performance Core (HPC) scripts are available on request (contact your Synopsys AC).

Through extensive, collaborative low power research and silicon technology demonstrators, ARM and Synopsys have delivered solutions to help you manage power consumption for energy efficient products. With support for the methodology documented in the Low Power Methodology Manual (LPMM) for SoC Design and Verification Methodology Manual for Low Power (VMM-LP), ARM processor IP and Synopsys Galaxy and Discovery Platform solutions are designed to enable designers to easily employ aggressive power management techniques.

Synopsys' DesignWare Embedded Memories and Logic Libraries are used extensively for the implementation of advanced processor cores, enabling designers to achieve ultra-high performance while staying within power and area budgets. The DesignWare HPC (High Performance Core) Design Kit offers additional cells and memories specifically optimized to deliver improved performance and power for all processor cores. In addition, Synopsys' STAR Memory System® for embedded memory test and repair supports leading processor test buses, making it possible to test memories without impacting processor core performance.

The Lynx Design System is a full-chip design environment that includes innovative visualization capabilities to help designers implement and monitor their designs. It includes a production RTL-to-GDSII flow based on tools from the industry-leading Galaxy Implementation Platform and has been validated with more than 100 tapeouts from 180-nanometer (nm) to 20-nm. Lynx technology Plug-Ins include pre-validated scripts and utilities that help accelerate project start and reduce the time it takes to get to optimized design results. The Lynx production flow and plug-ins instrument Synopsys Reference Implementation scripts for ARM cores to support additional design capabilities such as flow exploration, block finishing and metrics reporting.

Synopsys Professional Services has an extensive track record of helping design teams optimize leading processor cores, including ARM CPU and GPU cores. Design consultants leverage Synopsys' HPC scripts and Reference Implementation collateral as well as the Lynx Design System to accelerate the time to high quality results. From design planning through tapeout, Synopsys design consultants apply their tool expertise and processor implementation experience to help you achieve a design with the optimum balance of performance, power and schedule for your specific application.

Together, ARM and Synopsys collaborate with leading foundries to ensure designers achieve optimal power, performance and area when using ARM Artisan® logic libraries, embedded memories and POP™ IP through the Synopsys Galaxy Implementation tools in the latest semiconductor process technologies. Example foundry-specific flows include those for TSMC, Samsung, and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. The Synopsys Lynx Design System provides technology plug-ins for select ARM libraries and technology processes.