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eSol Logo With severe time and cost reduction in embedded software development, the tools for parallel development of software and hardware are in strong demand. The Synopsys System-Level Catalyst program allows us to connect eSOL's proven eBinder IDE with Synopsys Virtual Prototyping to meet these needs. Embedded software developers can start their development even before hardware development is completed, thanks to the collaboration between Synopsys and eSOL.

- - Bob Nobuyuki Ueyama, Executive Vice President of eSOL

Product Description
eBinder is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for real-time operating system-based development. eBinder addresses the embedded market's needs by providing high-caliber tools for developing embedded solutions with high quality and faster time to market. eBinder includes these features:
  • Integrated development platform
  • Multi-tasking debug tools
  • System analysis tools
  • Real-time debugging capability
  • Software engineering tools
eBinder is a complete IDE that runs on Windows-based PCs. You can develop code in C and C++. It supports a variety of 32-bit processors and can connect using serial, Ethernet, or JTAG/ICE interfaces.

The eBinder package provides a full integrated development platform that efficiently integrates , a Board Support Package (BSP) for reference platforms, and tools that help efficiently develop code, maximize debugging time, and reduce development costs.

Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit

eBinder IDE and Synopsys Virtual Prototype can be connected via virtual ports such as UART, Ethernet and Remote Debug Control (RDI). The use of this combination enables software developers to port OSes and develop, debug and verify drivers and application software running on a virtual hardware platform, making best use of a rich set of development and verification tools eBinder offers.

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