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Forte Design Systems Logo Once in a while design methodologies undergo significant changes in abstraction. Design teams today are quickly adapting to achieve better results in less time ultimately pushing them beyond traditional RTL-based design flows. As the shift to ESL methodologies accelerates, product interoperability will be critical. Forte’s Cynthesizer SystemC synthesis customers will benefit from continued standards-based approaches and programs such as the System-Level Catalyst Program.

- Brett Cline, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Forte Design Systems

Product Description
Forte’s Cynthesizer significantly reduces the time needed to create complex chips and systems by automatically generating high-quality RTL designs from high-level algorithms. Cynthesizer is silicon-proven with uncompromising quality of results that often exceed hand-coded RTL. It is the behavioral synthesis product that offers designers a complete environment including synthesis, verification, and co-simulation. Cynthesizer has been used on over 90 designs and is in production use in many of the largest systems and semiconductor companies worldwide.

Forte Design Systems is a leading provider of electronic design automation products that enable design at a higher level of abstraction. Forte’s innovative behavioral synthesis technology allows design teams creating complex electronic systems from algorithmic designs using ASICs, FPGAs, and SoCs to significantly reduce their overall design and verification time.

Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit:
Our joint customers currently enjoy a seamless flow from SystemC to netlist including verification with direct integrations from Forte’s Cynthesizer-RTL to Synopsys’ Design Compiler, Power Compiler, Synplify Pro and VCS. This has been a highly successful relationship and our customers are extremely pleased. With the System-Level Catalyst Program we will identify joint customers and extend the integration progress to work with the higher-level Synopsys tools.

Forte’s Behavioral Design Workbench (BDW) automatically collects all of the necessary design files and additional information to launch integrated partner products. This allows customers to quickly access their standard design and verification tools from Forte’s design methodology.

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