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Even the most abstract system model can benefit from implementation-accurate models. Component models generated directly from RTL enable users to leverage the substantial design reuse in today's advanced SoCs and also guarantee that software developed on the virtual model will work on the actual silicon. The System-Level Catalyst program allows us to ensure that hardware-accurate software models generated using our Carbon Model Studio seamlessly work together with Synopsys’ Virtualizer virtual platform offerings.

- Bill Neifert, CTO and VP business development at Carbon Design Systems

Product Description
Carbon Model Studio is a complete solution for the automatic generation, validation, and execution of hardware-accurate software models. Carbon models enable accurate architectural analysis, pre-silicon software integration and secure external model distribution. Carbon Model Studio's platform integrations mean that users have the versatility to use Carbon Models in all of their development environments. Software engineers can focus on a "data-book" view of the device for programming. Architects have access to the buses, interfaces and transactions. Hardware engineers can debug and have full visibility into the RTL including waveform dumping. Because the model is common across all environments, design teams can work on solving problems, instead of porting issues.

Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit
Using the combined Synopsys / Carbon solution, customers can easily integrate models created from RTL using Carbon Model Studio into virtual platforms created using Synopsys Virtualizer or for algorithm optimization, refinement and verification in System Studio. This reduces modeling efforts by allowing re-use of existing RTL in virtual platforms and digital signal processing algorithms and increases design fidelity through accurate models directly reflecting the "golden RTL". Carbon Model Studio can continue to be used throughout the design process to compile RTL once it has been developed by the hardware team. These models can then be linked into a virtual platform created with Synopsys Virtualizer or into an algorithm in System Studio to enable design teams to access hardware accurate models from within the virtual environment.

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