System-Level Catalyst Member Logo and Use Guidelines 

Interoperability for System-Level Design Tools 

The following guidelines outline the proper usage of the System-Level Catalyst Member Logo. When using the System-Level Catalyst Member logo please cross-link it back to either your member page or If you have any questions please contact This logo is only for contractual members of the System-Level Catalyst Program.

Usage Guideline

Size Restrictions
Minimum Size: To maintain the integrity of the logo, a minimum size has been set. Do not use the logo smaller than 0.80” (20.32mm) (60 pixels) in width.


Logotype Clear Space
Use the correct amount of free space around the logo. Please allow at least 1.5 times the blue letter height size around the logo.

Stretching or altering the logo in any way is prohibited


Color Values

RGB: 38, 128, 255
HEX: 2680FF
CMYK: 85, 50, 0, 0
50% black

Logo may not be used on similarly-colored backgrounds
Use white version of logo, if the logo needs to appear on a dark background.


PDF downloads from this page: Logo, white logo and use guidelines.

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