Switching Activity Interchange Format (SAIF)  

Capturing switching activity for power analysis & optimization 

Synopsys' widely-used power format, SAIF, provides switching activity information generated by EDA tools for power optimization and analysis tools. Synopsys is helping to streamline the design flow with the availability of a compact, proven format for simulators to capture the switching activity information needed by downstream power and reliability tools. With SAIF, design and verification engineers can increase productivity by easily analyzing and optimizing their designs for power and reliability. Synopsys' open source and interoperability model for TAP-in standards lets anyone download and use SAIF at no charge and without commercial restrictions.

How to Become a SAIF Licensee
The open source license for SAIF is free and available now. View the license agreement. To download, Register now! to receive your password and login codes.

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