Interoperability Breakfast at DAC 2009 

Peace, Love & Interoperability:  
Improving Quality & Productivity with Verification & Custom Design Standards

On July 29, 2009, Dr. Chi-Foon Chan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Synopsys, was the host for Synopsys' interoperability breakfast. This year's attendees heard how VMM is used to improve the quality of verification across the entire spectrum of design from system-level to analog/mixed-signal, and low power. They also heard the latest on how interoperable PDKs bring enhanced productivity to custom designers.

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Speakers on Verification Methodology:
Hosted by:
Dr. Chi-Foon Chan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Synopsys
Speakers on Verification Methodology:
John Goodenough, Director of Design Technology, ARM
Mark Gogolewski, CTO and CFO, Denali Software
Janick Bergeron, Synopsys Fellow, Synopsys
Jason Sprott, VP of Consulting, Verilab
Speaker on Interoperable PDKs:
S. T. Juang, Senior Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing, TSMC

For more information about the IPL Alliance for Interoperable PDK Libraries: