The Interoperable PDK Libraries (IPL) Alliance 

Enabling a single PDK for all OpenAccess tools 

The Interoperable PDK Libraries (IPL) Alliance is an industry- wide collaborative effort to create and promote interoperable process design kit (PDK) standards. IPL standards will enable a single PDK to be used by any OpenAccess tool, thus reducing PDK development and support costs, lowering integration costs and for the first time, allowing choices in tool selection when building analog/custom IC design flows.

The IPL Alliance was started in April 2007, with five founding members: AWR, Ciranova, SpringSoft, Silicon Navigator and Synopsys. Mentor Graphics and Pulsic joined as supporting members. Today, IPL Alliance members include 13 major EDA and foundry companies. The newest members are: TSMC, Helic, JEDAT, Magma, Micro Magic and Virage Logic.

Since its inception, the IPL Alliance has made tremendous progress in solving PCell interoperability challenges. The IPL Alliance has formed three technical working groups: Properties and Parameters, PCells, and Constraints. It has also expanded its charter to address broader interoperability issues with foundry PDKs and design flows. An IPL ecosystem has been established to validate PDK interoperability within all members’ tools.

Joining and Downloading IPL

All interested foundries, EDA vendors and semiconductor companies are invited to join the IPL Alliance. More information and free downloads are available at

Synopsys Support for IPL
Synopsys is one of the founding members of the IPL Alliance and is actively involved in its working groups.