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SoftRISC Logo SoftRISC is a provider of embedded communication and media software solutions, licensing its field deployed, robust software for various consumer devices in the areas of VoIP, mobile multimedia, and mobile cellular. Founded in 2002, SoftRISC has spent considerable engineering resources to develop various DSP algorithms and deploying them on embedded processors in the form of well optimized assembly implementations that consume minimal CPU and memory resources on the consumer device.

SoftRISC provides IEEE/ITU/ETSI standards compliant solutions that are thoroughly tested with respective test vectors to ensure full compliancy. SoftRISC’s customers have used our solutions in a drop-in, plug-and-play scenarios.

The following is an overview of SoftRISC's solutions and IP portfolio.

VoIP Speech Codecs
  • G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.2, G.723.1, G.726, G.727, G.728, G.729AB, iLBC, etc.
VoIP Telephony Modules
  • G.167 AEC (handsfree speakerphone echo canceller for Cell/WiFi phones, IP phones, SoftPhones, etc.); enhanced G.167 AEC integrated with G.169 AGC and ANS (acoustic noise suppression algorithm)
  • G.168 LEC (line echo canceller -- for gateway or ATA devices)
  • G.169 ALC/AGC, Acoustic Noise Suppression, JB/PLC, VAD/CNG, DTMF, CallerID, CPT
Call Control Protocol demo components
Fax over IP - Fax Relay & Modem Suite
  • T.38 fax relay, V.17, V.21, V.27ter, V.29 fax modems
Mobile Audio
  • MP3, MP3-Pro, AAC, AAC-Plus -- HE AAC v1, HE AAC v2, AC3 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, WMA, WMA-pro (both encoders and decoders)
Mobile Video
  • MPEG4 encoder, decoder (other technologies can be implemented and made available)
Mobile Cellular - Handset and Base Station

SoftRISC's solutions and IP portfolio includes solutions for VoIP solutions, including VoIP speech codecs and telephony models, FAX over IP, mobile multimedia and mobile cellular.

ARC-specific Support Details
SoftRISC and Synopsys are working together to bring SoftRISC’s extensive portfolio to the DesignWare® ARC® Architecture.

Learn more about how SoftRISC and Synopsys work together.

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