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Interniche Logo InterNiche has been providing embedded operating systems and networking software for embedded internet devices since 1989. Hundreds of millions of networked devices have relied on InterNiche software to provide trouble free operation and communication. NicheStack embedded protocols have been deployed in automotive communications systems, cell phones, medical equipment, consumer electronics, wireless devices, industrial process control, DSL modems, routers, satellite applications and many others.

InterNiche has integrated NicheStack TCP/IP v4 and NicheStack Dual v4/v6 with the MQX operating system provided by Synopsys, which means you can start application development quickly.

All InterNiche modules are completely portable and can be integrated into legacy systems in a very straight forward manner, making it easy to add networking capabilities to your well-established products.

Whether your product requires TCP/IPv4, IPv6, SNMP agent support, an HTTP Server, Secure Communications or PPP, InterNiche's small-footprint and RFC compliant modules are easy to integrate into your design. Written in portable ANSI C and designed for use on a wide range of RTOSes.

All InterNiche software is supplied as "C" source files with complete documentation. There is no guess work about how to integrate or use it, and if you have questions we are here to answer them.

ARC-specific Support Details
Interniche and Synopsys are working together to bring the Interniche portfolio of products to the DesignWare® ARC® Architecture

Learn more about how InterNiche and Synopsys work together.

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