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Elliptic Technologies, Inc. 
Elliptic TechnologiesElliptic Technologies, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, is a leading provider of embedded security hardware cores and software to semiconductor and device manufacturers, as well as service and content providers. Elliptic's highly-integrated solutions help secure products in markets such as mobile, networking, home entertainment, smart grid and automotive. From cryptographic cores, public key accelerators, true random generators and security protocol processors, to DRM and content protection solutions for downloading and sharing premium content between multiple devices, Elliptic's security solutions are designed into some of the world's most popular products that are shipping in millions of units.

Ellipsys™ Cryptography Middleware
Ellipsys Cryptography Middleware is a CAVP certified cryptographic library that is highly configurable for size or speed optimization. Ellipsys is written in portable C code and contains a plug-in architecture for easy integration and offloading of hardware devices.

Ellipsys is available in bundles of various configurations. These vary from a simple package of only AES to a complete bundle including symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic functions, various hash algorithms and public key certificate support.

This library has been certified by a third party laboratory as being compliant with the NIST Cryptographic Validation Program (CAVP), which ensures that the algorithms can be used in products requiring FIPS 140 validation.

ARC-specific Support Details
Ellipsys is available for use on Synopsys DesignWare® ARC® cores.

Learn more about how Elliptic Technologies and Synopsys work together.

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