Seeker® - Runtime Security Analysis 

Find confirmed vulnerabilities in your web applications… before they become data breaches. 

Seeker is an automated Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution that works with developers to efficiently produce secure software. It analyzes code and data flows at runtime to better understand a security vulnerability’s business impact and exploitability. It improves visibility into risk by providing highly accurate vulnerability detection during the coding and testing process.

Seeker tracks data flow across all servers to ensure there are no blind spots, and provides everything necessary to reproduce and diagnose the error.

And every potential vulnerability detected by Seeker is automatically verified to be exploitable—ensuring that you don’t waste time investigating a “problem” that will never happen. It provides a clear view of the security status of applications according to compliance criteria such as OWASP Top10, SANS/CWE, PCI-DSS, etc., or according to custom needs.

Seeker provides everything needed to secure code and improve security awareness.

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