Runtime Security Analysis 


Nearly 90% of all security vulnerabilities occur at the application layer. That's because applications are often the weakest security point for many enterprises. Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) or agile runtime security testing combines Static and Dynamic Analysis of software applications and can improve the overall quality and security of web application platforms (such as IIS, Apache or others).

Seeker is a runtime security analysis solution from Synopsys that enables companies to reduce the risk of application layer attacks with an automated approach that fits smoothly into the SDLC and agile methodology. It's a data-centric solution that tracks the flow of sensitive data across all application tiers and components, identifying vulnerabilities that pose a real threat to critical data, including complex vulnerabilities and logical flaws often not detected by any other technology. With zero false positives, all vulnerabilities found by Seeker are exploitable and verified as posing real threat to sensitive data.

Stop Data Leaks
Seeker's combined use of a sensor and a console uncovers vulnerabilities that otherwise might not be found. Seeker tracks consumer data (such as credit card information, address, password, etc.), and can identify whether data is mishandled or insecurely stored, exposing potential data leaks before they become a problem.

Zero False Positives
Seeker is an automated Application Security Testing solution that fits smoothly into Agile development and guarantees zero false positives. Everything Seeker finds is validated and needs to be fixed. As a result, no human interaction is required before the findings are automatically sent to developers for remediation.

Easy to Use
Seeker provides developers with detailed results -- information such as the vulnerable line of code, remediation advice, and even a video clip of the target web application and how Seeker was able to exploit it. By mapping the exploit of a vulnerability to consequences your organization could face, Seeker allows users to focus resources on the most business critical security issues.

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