Software Integrity  

Software Integrity

The Synopsys Software Integrity platform offers the most effective and complete approach to managing software security—during development, and across the cyber supply chain.

Our fully automated tools are used by:

19 of the top 25 software companies
11 of the top 15 Automotive OEMs
Companies across industries who demand exceptional safety and predictability without sacrificing development speed

Our products integrate seamlessly with today’s leading software development and security infrastructures, and excel at detecting known and unknown issues in source code, open source licenses, and third-party components.

Synopsys also has deep ties to the open source community and is working actively with industry standards groups—including UL, SAE and the FDA—to help define the next generation of software quality and security testing requirements.

Find out what we can do for you.


Software Composition Analysis
Find known vulnerabilities and license violations in your software supply chain before they become legal liabilities or business risks.


Static Code Analysis
Find critical defects and security weaknesses in code as it’s written before they become vulnerabilities, crashes, or maintenance headaches.


Intelligent Fuzz Testing
Find unknown, exploitable vulnerabilities in your software before hackers do.


Runtime Security Analysis
Find confirmed vulnerabilities in your web applications before they become data breaches.

Test Advisor™

Automated Test Optimization
Find hidden efficiencies in software development by writing and running only the tests that matter.


Actionable Threat Intelligence
AbuseSA™ aggregates, contextualizes and visualizes threat data from a variety of sources.


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