Tools to Build, Distribute and Use Virtual Prototypes and VDKs 

Virtualizer™ addresses the increasing development challenges associated with software-rich semiconductor and electronic products by enabling companies to accelerate both the development and deployment of virtual prototypes. The results:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased developer productivity
  • Improved product quality

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Creation and Use Support

The Virtualizer tool set focuses on two distinct users: the developer creating the Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) and the software developer using the VDK. For each of these users we focus on delivering higher productivity through ease of use and debug/analysis efficiency.
  • Virtual Prototype Developers – the complete Virtualizer tool set focuses on the efficient creation of basic modeling blocks and the assembly of these blocks into a virtual prototype of the system
  • Virtual Prototype Users – Tools for Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs or VDK+) enable users to implement the virtual prototype in order to complete specific design tasks such as software development integration and test, hardware verification, SoC integration or system validation/testing
A Comprehensive Virtual Prototyping Solution Delivers More:

Virtualizer is part of Synopsys' next-generation virtual prototyping solution, which enables:
  • Fast time to virtual prototype availability with the largest portfolio of transaction-level models and reference designs, intuitive graphical prototype assembly and debug, and standard-based (SystemC/TLM) support and publishing capabilities
  • Virtual prototypes adapted to multiple end user design tasks for optimal accuracy with support for multiple levels of abstraction
  • High debug and analysis efficiency through system-level software debug and analysis, hardware/software combined analysis and synchronized integration with 3rd party software debuggers and embedded software development tools
  • Integration with adjacent flows including SoC integration, hardware verification and system validation/testing
  • Services to accelerate modeling and virtual prototype creation as well as prototype deployment leveraging decades of experience
Virtualizer is part of Synopsys' complete virtual and hybrid prototyping solutions including transaction-level models and consulting services.

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