Introducing "Better Software. Faster!"

Listen to an interview with Tom De Schutter, editor of the book, "Better Software. Faster!", discussing best practices in virtual prototyping.
(Length: 2:57 minutes)
Tom De Schutter, Phil Dworsky

Early and Efficient Driver Bring-up for a DesignWare Multimedia Storage (MMC) Host Controller using a Virtualizer Development Kit for ARM and DesignWare

This video highlights the ease of driver bring-up and debugging using Virtualizer Development Kits.
(Length: 11:14)
Achim Nohl

TLMCentral and its Transition to Design and Reuse

Hear Dr. Johannes Stahl, director of product marketing at Synopsys, discuss TLMCentral and its transition to Design and Reuse at IP-SoC 2013.
(Length: 3:12)
Johannes Stahl

Interview with Dr. Johannes Stahl, Synopsys

Hear Dr. Johannes Stahl, director of product marketing at Synopsys, provide Sanjay Gangal an update on Synopsys' latest system-level design solutions.
(Length: 5:49)
Johannes Stahl

Fundamentals of Virtual Prototypes for Embedded System Development

In this fundamentals course, we will be examining virtual prototypes and some of the impacts they have on delivery schedules, product capabilities, quality and the ease with which multi-processor systems can be visualized and debugged. It will also introduce you to one solution from Synopsys called Virtualizer and show you how their virtual development kits can get you on the road to better products, faster.
(Length: 63 mins)
Brian Bailey

Debugging a USB 3 Linux Driver using Lauterbach TRACE32 and Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) for ARM Cortex

This video highlights how Virtualizer enables TRACE32 users to conduct non-intrusive multi-cluster debugging on an ARM® big.LITTLE™ processing system.
(Length: 5:35 mins)
Achim Nohl

Early Software Development for ARM big.LITTLE Processing Designs Using Synopsys VDK and ARM DS-5

This video explores the uses for Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) for software development and debugging showing the seamless integration of the Synopsys VDK for ARM big.LITTLE with ARM DS-5 debugger.
(Length: 3:14 mins)
Tom De Schutter

VDK Family for ARM® Cortex®​ Processors

Accelerating Software Development for ARM big.LITTLE Processing

ARM and Synopsys describe the benefits of ARM big.LITTLE processing and how Synopsys' Virtualizer Development Kit for ARM Cortex Processors can be used by software developers to optimize the performance and energy efficiency of the multicore task migration software for big.LITTLE processing-based designs.
(Length: 4:40 mins)
Rob Kaye

VDK Family for ARM® Cortex®​ Processors

Partnering for Low Power

John Cornish, Executive VP of ARM's System Design Division, describes the importance of taking a system approach to low power design, and how Synopsys' Virtualizer Development Kits (VDKs) help engineers optimize the power and performance of ARM big.LITTLE processing.
(Length: 38 mins)
John Cornish

VDK Family for ARM® Cortex®​ Processors

Synopsys' Virtual Prototyping at ARM TechCon 2011

ARM interviews Tom De Schutter, product marketing manager, about virtual prototyping and transaction-level models of ARM Cortex processors. In this video, Tom talks about the benefits joint Synopsys and ARM customers receive like faster time-to-market.
(Length: 3 mins)

ARM and Synopsys Sign ARM Cortex Processor Models Agreement

Jump Start SW Development with Altera's SoC FPGA Virtual Target

In this video, Altera introduces the Altera SoC FPGA Virtual Target based on Synopsys' Virtual Prototyping Solution. The presentation covers the benefits of the virtual target including starting development earlier and developing software more efficiently. It shows booting up Linux, integration with software tools and how to use the virtual target to accelerate time-to-market.
(Length: 7 mins)

Advanced Fault-Injection Methods for Automotive Safety Critical Systems

There are several limitations on how effectively existing methods for corner case testing can be applied for more extensive coverage. This video describes how virtual prototyping can be used for fault-injection on an automotive MCU platform using a soft-error scenario and produce higher quality results.
(Length: 4 mins)

Gadi Singer Promotes Rapid Adoption of System-Level Design

Intel's Gadi Singer defines "vertical design" and proposes that EDA companies need to move beyond ESL to a true system-level perspective if they have not already.
(Length: 15 mins)
Gadi Singer

Using Virtual Platforms for Pre-Silicon Software Development Whitepaper

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