May 26, 2015Synopsys Expands Virtualizer Development Kit for Renesas RH850 with Support for RH850 P1x Series
Virtualizer Development Kit Speeds Software Development, Integration and Test of Chassis Electronic Control Units for Renesas MCUs

Mar 16, 2015Latest Synopsys Virtualizer Release Accelerates VDK Performance by Up to 5X for Early Software Development
New Virtualizer MultiSim and SimSight Features Boost Simulation Speed of VDKs for Complex SoCs

Mar 05, 2015Synopsys Announces VDK for Freescale S32V200 MCU Family for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Development
Virtualizer Development Kit Speeds Software Development, Integration and Test

Feb 12, 2015Synopsys Expands VDK for Renesas RH850 Ethernet AVB and CAN-FD for Automotive System Software Development
Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) Enables Tier 1 and OEM Companies to Start Development Early and Improve Software Quality for RH850-based MCU Designs

Feb 06, 2015ARM and Synopsys Collaborate On ARM Cortex-A72 Processor-based SoCs with IC Compiler II
ARM and Synopsys Collaboration Enables Optimized Implementation of ARM Cortex-A72 Processor-based SoCs with IC Compiler II

Dec 04, 2014Faraday Technology Corporation Selects Synopsys Virtualizer to Accelerate Software Development for SoC Designs
Virtualizer Enables Faraday Design Services’ Customers to Start Software Development up to 12 Months before Hardware Availability

Nov 05, 2014Synopsys Virtual Prototyping Book Achieves Milestone of More Than 3000 Copies in Distribution to Over 1000 Companies
Better Software. Faster! Book Details Methodology Enabling Developers to Achieve Early Software Development before Hardware Availability

May 07, 2014Freescale and Synopsys Establish Center of Excellence to Speed Development of Automotive Electronic System Software
Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kits Accelerate Software Development, Integration and Test for Freescale Automotive Solution Microcontroller and Processor-based Designs

Mar 27, 2014Renesas and Synopsys Expand Automotive Collaboration with VDK Support for Renesas’ RH850/E1x MCU Series
Virtualizer Development Kit Speeds Software Development, Integration and Test of Powertrain Electronic Control Units Using RH850/E1x Series of MCUs

Mar 26, 2014Synopsys Collaborates with Industry Leaders to Publish Book on Advanced Software Development with Virtual Prototypes
Better Software. Faster! Book Shares Best Practices from More Than 10 Contributing Companies across Key Market Segments

Nov 06, 2013Design & Reuse to Host TLMCentral Web Portal
Synopsys’ Transfer of TLMCentral to Design & Reuse IP Portal Enables Easy Search of More Than 1000 IP Models to Speed SoC Software Development

Sep 26, 2013Latest Synopsys Virtualizer Release Accelerates Creation and Deployment of VDKs for Software Development

May 23, 2013Synopsys Delivers VDK for Renesas RH850 MCUs
Joint Center of Excellence Produces Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) Enabling Early Software Development, System Integration and Test for RH850-based Automotive Designs

Apr 29, 2013Synopsys Announces Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) for Freescale’s Qorivva MCU Family
New VDK Enables Automotive Suppliers and OEMs to Start Software Development in Prior to ECU Board Availability

Feb 11, 2013Synopsys Signs Multiyear Collaboration Agreement with ARM for Early Software Development of ARMv8 Processors
New Virtualizer Development Kits for ARMv8 Processors Enable Early Software Development Up To One Year in Advance of Silicon

Jul 30, 2012Synopsys Collaborates with Renesas to Advance Software Development Solutions for Automotive Applications
Joint Engineering Team Will Develop Virtual Prototypes to Speed Software Debug and System Testing for Renesas' RH850 Microcontroller-Based Designs

Jul 23, 2012Latest Synopsys Virtualizer Release Speeds Virtual Prototype Creation by Up to 3X
New Modeling Interface and Automation Features Increase Modeling Productivity to Enable Earlier Start of Software Development

Jun 26, 2012Synopsys' Virtualizer Speeds Software Development and Enhances Design Enablement for Systems Based on the Infineon AURIX Microcontroller Family
AURIX Virtual Prototype Enabled Automotive Software Developers to Start 12 Months Before Silicon Availability

Mar 21, 2012Synopsys Unveils Virtualizer Development Kits to Accelerate Software Development for ARM big.LITTLE Processing
VDK Family Delivers Fast Software Bring-Up and Better Debug Control for Quad-Core ARM® Cortex™-A15 MPCore™ Processor and ARM big.LITTLE™ Processing-Based Designs

Oct 12, 2011Altera Embeds Synopsys’ Virtual Prototyping Technology in New ARM-based SoC FPGA Offering

Sep 29, 2011ARM and Synopsys Sign ARM Cortex Processor Models Agreement
Synopsys and ARM® announced a licensing agreement enabling Synopsys to distribute ARM's Fast Models and create models of ARM Cortex Series processors.

Sep 29, 2011First Industry-Wide Web Portal for Transaction-Level Model Access Welcomes Model Developers and Users
"Synopsys announced the launch of TLMCentral (link TLMCentral to, if possible) the first industry-wide web portal for developers and users of transaction-level model (TLM) technology. TLMCentral aggregates information about free and commercial system-level models of common system-on-chip (SoC) components from leading semiconductor IP vendors, tool providers, service companies and universities. TLMCentral is an open portal that will ease and accelerate the development of virtual prototypes across the industry. It is available at no cost to users and providers of transaction-level models. "

Jul 19, 2011Synopsys Introduces Virtualizer Next-Generation Virtual Prototyping Solution
Virtualizer Accelerates Software Development Schedules By Up To Nine Months with Lower Engineering Effort

Feb 07, 2011Synopsys Announces New Technology for Optimizing Multicore Systems
Synopsys announced the broad availability of Platform Architect with Multicore Optimization Technology, a new solution for performance analysis and early definition of multicore system architectures in SystemC. Using Platform Architect with Multicore Optimization Technology, designers of SoCs, chipsets and systems can capture hardware/software performance models of multicore system architectures in the early concept phase for robust performance measurement and trade-off analysis, months prior to software availability.

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