Success Stories 

EADS Innovation Works run Virtual Electrical Tests for A350 XWB using the Saber/Aseris Integration
"In order to perform a reliable prediction of the electrical behavior for modern airplane systems, we require accurate simulation models and a tool that can handle the complexity of a platform like the A350 XWB. Therefore, we perform system simulations in Saber and leverage the integration with Aseris to achieve accurate results. This ensures that our product meets the quality standards we demand."
Richard Perraud, EMC Expert, EADS Innovation Works

EADS Uses Saber for the Validation of New FlexRay Networking Applications
"The stringent quality and safety requirements for aerospace systems demand the use of State-of-the-Art engineering methods and tools. Saber is our preferred solution for the development and validation of new airplane network implementations like FlexRay."
Dr. Ing. Christoph Heller, Research Engineer, EADS Innovation Works

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