Prototyping Imagination's PowerVR Series 6XT dual-cluster 64-core GPU with Synopsys HAPS® and ProtoCompiler

Imagination uses HAPS and ProtoCompiler to prototype their PowerVR Series 6XT GPU core.
Synopsys, Inc.

Speed IP Bring-up and SoC Validation with HAPS-DX

Neil Songcuan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, introduces the newest member of the HAPS family, HAPS Developer Express (HAPS-DX) and its features to speed IP bring-up and SoC validation
Neil Songcuan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Synopsys ProtoCompiler for RTL Debug with HAPS Systems

Troy Scott, Product Marketing Manager, and Peter Zhang, R&D Engineer, explain RTL debug features available in ProtoCompiler.

Announcing ProtoCompiler for Multi-FPGA Prototyping

Prototyping Automation and Debug Software for HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Systems Improves Prototyping Performance

Tech Talk: FPGA Prototyping

Neil Songcuan, senior product marketing manager at Synopsys, examines the hidden time savings from using an FPGA prototype platform for IP validation and software development, in addition to hardware design.
Neil Songcuan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Introducing Synopsys HAPS Developer eXpress (HAPS-DX)

The HAPS-DX plug-and-play compatibility with HAPS-70 systems provides a seamless solution from complex IP block and subsystem prototyping all the way to SoC validation. Customers can combine HAPS-70 and HAPS-DX systems as well as reuse implementation design files when developing their prototyping platform, thus enabling a modular, reused based approach to prototyping.
Joachim Kunkel, Senior VP and GM, Solutions Group, Synopsys

Peraso Success with DesignWare USB 3.0 IP and HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Solution in a Wireless SoC Design

At the Intel Development Forum 2013, Brad Lynch, Peraso, and Eric Huang, Synopsys, discussed Peraso’s use of DesignWare USB 3.0 IP and the HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Solution for their product development.
Brad Lynch, CTO & VP Product Development, Peraso, Eric Huang, Product Marketing for USB Digital IP, Synopsys

How HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Speeds USB 3.1 IP Product Development

See how Synopsys HAPS-70 FPGA-based prototyping platforms helped to accelerate Synopsys’ development of 10G USB 3.1 IP. HAPS offers a flexible, off-the-shelf platform that enabled the R&D team to quickly develop and test RTL models, perform hardware validation, and ensure hardware/software interoperability.
Eric Huang, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, USB Digital IP, Synopsys, Mick Posner Director of Marketing, HAPS, Synopsys

The HAPS-70 System for Debug Automation

This video details how the HAPS-70 system accelerates FPGA prototyping debug and bring up through new features.
Nathan Henderson, Corporate Applications Engineering Manager, Synopsys

EDACafe Interview with Mick Posner, Synopsys

Hear Mick Posner, director of product marketing at Synopsys, provide Sanjay Gangal an update on Synopsys' latest FPGA-based Prototyping Solutions (Length: 4:15)
Mick Posner

Introducing HAPS-70

Learn more about the latest FPGA-based Prototyping system, the HAPS-70 series from Joachim Kunkel, Sr. VP and GM of Synopsys' Solutions Group
Synopsys, Inc.

Introducing Hybrid Prototyping

This short video will introduce you to Synopsys' Hybrid Prototyping Solution. You will hear how this out-of-the-box solution seamlessly integrates virtual and FPGA-based prototyping environments. This unique Hybrid Prototyping solution enables designers to start multi-core SoC prototyping earlier, accelerate system bring up and improve debug visibility to accelerate the development of SoC hardware and software.
Troy Scott, Senior Product Marketing Manager, FPGA-based prototyping solutions

How to Ship Your Chip in 1-2 Days Using FPGA-Based Prototyping

Learn about how to get the most from the HAPS-60 FPGA-based prototyping system for system validation, hardware/software integration, and software development. This video covers the features available with the HAPS-60 system to make ASIC prototyping bring up time faster and easier as well as how to reduce product development time and schedule risk.
Neil Songcuan, Product Marketing Manager, HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Solution

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