White Papers 

Advanced Power and Performance Optimization for Multicore SoCs
The Multicore Optimization (MCO) technology in Synopsys Platform Architect provides an environment for early exploration and optimization of complex Multicore SoC (MP-SoC) platforms. It allows quantitative analysis of performance and power metrics to avoid SoC market failure due to underperforming or power hungry architectures.
Dr. Tim Kogel, Solution Architect, Synopsys, Inc.

Designing the Right Architecture
In this white paper, we present a tool-assisted system-level performance analysis flow for interconnect and memory performance optimization using Synopsys Platform Architect. This environment allows the rapid creation of system-level performance models and the parallel simulation of many design configurations to investigate a wide range of architectural options. After a brief motivation and introduction of the flow we discuss the results of a design project, where Platform Architect has been used to optimize the performance of a multicore mobile platform SoC.
Tim Kogel, Solution Architect, Synopsys, Inc.