DesignWare ARC Linux and Other Operating Systems

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Many Synopsys customers would like to reuse software ported to other operating systems or to take advantage of the software infrastructure offered by embedded Linux. It is possible to quickly adopt DesignWare® ARC® processors because there are OS ports available for Express Logic ThreadX, ITRON and other operating systems. Synopsys works closely with its OS partners and the Linux community to provide maximum choice and flexibility to DesignWare ARC developers.

  • Choose from OSs pre-optimized for DesignWare ARC subsytems and cores
  • Minimize risk by taking advantage of Synopsys' excellent support and services
  • Reuse existing software on the OS of your choice
  • Parallelize hardware and software development with integrated co-design and simulation tools

DesignWare ARC Embedded Linux 2.6
The DesignWare ARC Embedded Linux distribution is available for free download from SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/arc-linux/. This distribution offers all of the benefits of open source software, including, complete source code and a large install base. DesignWare ARC Linux allows software developers to leverage the large amount of Linux-compatible application software to quickly build complex systems using open source components. This distribution includes embedded Linux distributions of the Linux 2.6 kernel that runs on the DesignWare ARC 750D configurable processor core.

DesignWare ARC Linux distributions are integrated, built and tested with DesignWare ARC GNU tools. These tools are provided in source packages than can be built to run on Linux, Solaris and Windows host platforms (running on Windows requires using a Cygwin environment). DesignWare ARC GNU Tools are available for software developers using DesignWare ARC processor cores, DesignWare ARC Multimedia Subsystems and for DesignWare ARC-based cores sold by DesignWare ARC licensees.

DesignWare ARC Partner Operating Systems
Synopsys customers use a wide range of operating systems. Partner operating system vendors, such as Express Logic ThreadX and ITRON, provide ready-to-use OS ports for DesignWare ARC IP.

Express Logic:
ThreadX is supported on DesignWare ARC processors and is Express Logic's advanced Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) designed specifically for deeply embedded applications. ThreadX has many advanced features, including its picokernel architecture, preemption-threshold, event-chaining, and a rich set of system services. In addition to ThreadX, the DesignWare ARC processors are also supported on FileX, a high-performance MS-DOS compatible file system and NetX, a high-performance implementation of TCP/IP protocol standards.

  • ARC Linux
    • Robust operating system environment including a reliable multi-tasking capability
    • Licensed based on an open source model (GPL licensing) with no royalties
    • Allows developers to leverage a wide range of Linux compatible applications
    • Tested and verified on ARCangel 4 FPGA system using the Linux Test Project (LTP) test suite, stream memory benchmarks, Dhrystone, NTTCP network throughput test, RFC 1812IP Version 4 tests, and RFC 2544 Network Interconnect Device tests
    • Developed from standard Linux 2.6.19 kernel Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL)
      • Kernel preemption support
      • Dynamic module support
      • Kernel parameters support
      • O(1) scheduler
      • Dynamic kernel module support
      • Complete networking support including NFS
      • Boot-time kernel module support
    • Supports DesignWare ARC 750D based configurable cores that include MMU
    • Automatic detection of instruction cache and data cache configuration
    • Fast context switching using ARC 700 MMU's multiple address spaces
    • Provides Ethernet, IDE and UART drivers for ARCangel 4 development system
    • Support for ARC SIMD, DMA and extensions
    • Ptrace support for GDB debugging
    • Compatible with ARC GCC 3.4.6 and 4.2 tools
    • Busybox 1.6.1
    • Init RAM FS 1.0
  • 3rd Party Operating Systems
    • Other operating systems are available from 3rd parties such as Express Logic ThreadX and ITRON