Synopsys MetaWare Integrated Development Environment

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Synopsys' Metaware® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a state-of-the-art, Eclipse-based solution that enables users to seamlessly integrate the creation, management and debugging of embedded applications. The MetaWare IDE solution is fully integrated with Synopsys' MetaWare Compiler and Debugger, and is available as part of the MetaWare Development Toolkit.

The open framework of the MetaWare IDE means that users have the ability to incorporate additional Eclipse-compatible tools from third parties or tools of their own design.

Eclipse is an open source platform for tool integration, built by a community of tool providers, and supported by many of the world's major software companies. See www.eclipse.org for more information.


MetaWare IDE in C/C++ Perspective
  • Compile, link, and debug in one step
  • Cross-reference and browse C/C++ code
  • Reduce the risk of accidentally losing files with the built-in history mechanism
  • Consolidate projects in a single workspace on your system
  • Search using intelligent identifier search
  • Easily integrate revision control, like CVS, to track changes to workplace resources
  • Get context-sensitive help from the source editor when writing standard C/C++ code
  • Type a reference to an object in your source code and context-sensitive help will pop-up a list of methods for that object
  • Highlight all errors across the source files of a project - no more visual parsing of command line output
MetaWare IDE in Debug Perspective
  • The MetaWare IDE's Eclipse debug perspective uses the MetaWare Debugger engine
  • View unique MetaWare Debugger information from the IDE
  • Use a single IDE to code, build, and debug with the integrated MetaWare Debugger engine
  • Edit your code right in the debugger source window
  • Annotate error messages, to-do lists, search hits and debugger breakpoints using the built-in marker mechanism