DesignWare ARC DTS M6 Decoder

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The DesignWare® ARC® Audio DTS® M6 decoder software is an optimized version of the codec for the DesignWare ARC AS211SFX and AS221BD audio processors. The decoder is a single package that is capable of processing all DTS audio formats up to 5.1 channels and supports DTS Digital Surround (DTS Core), DTS Coreless Lossless (DTS XLL), DTS Express (DTS LBR) and DTS-HD Master audio in the absence of DTS Core formats. The package includes dual decoders, up- and down-mixers, dialog normalization and encoders for digital output via S/PDIF or HDMI links. The optimized version is certified by DTS, and supports a range of applications including Digtial TVs, set-top boxes, tablets, home theater systems, internet streaming, media players, and A/V receivers.

DesignWare ARC Audio DTS M6 Decoder

  • Compatibility with any DTS encoded audio stream (any DTS format, channels limited to 5.1):
    • DTS Digital Surround
    • DTS Digital Surround Core (up to 5.1 channels / 48 kHz from any DTS-HD Master Audio stream
    • DTS Express (up to 5.1 channels)
    • DTS HD Master Audio (Coreless) (decodes DTS HD 5.1 channels up to 96 kHz)
  • Sampling frequencies: 44.1, 48, 96* kHz (*for DTS HD MA 96 kHz coreless streams, downsampling to 48 kHz is possible)
  • Any DTS stream bitrate (up to 24.5 Mbps)
  • Ability to decode one or more audio streams
  • Support of mandatory post-processing functions
  • Stereo Downmix support
  • Metadata support (BD & Broadcast content)
  • 5.1 ch 48 kHz DTS Transcoder for DTS Digital output over SPDIF/HDMI/TOSLink
  • Scalability onto 1 or 2 ARC cores for optimum MHz/area balance
  • Robustness to memory latency: e.g., only 52 MHz processor load at 100 cycles latency for DTS M6 Core 5.1 channels / 48 kHz, at 100 cycles memory latency
ARC Sound DTS M6 Decoder software optimized for AS2xx processor coresSTARsSubscribe

  Description ARC Sound DTS M6 Decoder software optimized for AS2xx processor cores
  Name dwc_ac_dts_m6_decoder_as2xx
  Version 2013.06c
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