DesignWare ARC Application Notes

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Application Note 3 - Getting Started with Embedded Programming on ARC (July, 2011)
An introduction to C and assembly programming techniques for use with the MetaWare Development Toolkit targeting ARC processors. This application note provides essential commands and options for compiling/assembling these programs. Using this guide as a quick reference, engineers should be able to get software up and running quickly. It presents a number of examples, each of which illustrates different techniques.

Application Note 35 - Viterbi Butterfly Extension (July, 2011)
The use of the Viterbi butterfly extension instruction for the ARC 600 / AS processor. This application note describes the operation of the instruction, shows how to use it in application code, and provides a number of examples.

Application Note 61 - Extending the Instruction Set Simulator Independent of ARChitect EIA (January, 2012)
Need description.

Application Note 63 - ARC 700 Design for Test (July, 2011)
This application note is an ARC 700-specific guide to Design-for-Test (DFT), a methodology used to ensure that a design works correctly after manufacturing. Topics covered include the insertion of scan flops into the design and the RAM Built-In Self-Test (BIST) features.

Application Note 65 - Moving the Base Address of the Interrupt Vector Table (IVT) (October, 2011)
Instructions on how to modify an ARC 600/605/610D/625D processor core to move the reset address from the default of 0x0.