SNUG Silicon Valley 2013 Proceedings

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Best Papers
1st Place - Best Paper : MC3-B Synthesizing SystemVerilog: Busting the Myth that SystemVerilog is only for Verification
Author(s): Don Mills - Microchip Technology; Stuart Sutherland - Sutherland HDL, Inc.

2nd Place - Best Paper : Double Patterning Aware Extraction Flows For Digital Design Sign-Off in 20/14nm
Author(s): Adrian Au Yeung, Steven Chan, Hendrik Mau, Rick Monga, Tamer Ragheb, Venkat Ramasubramanian, Richard Trihy - GLOBALFOUNDRIES

3rd Place - Best Paper, Technical Committee Award : MA06-A "No Man's Land" - Constraining Async Clock Domain Crossings
Author(s): Paul Zimmer - Zimmer Design Services

Technical Committee Award Honorable Mention : MA06-B Efficient Timing Constraint Analysis and Debug using PrimeTime-GCA
Author(s): Peter Lindberg - LSI Corp.

Technical Committee Award Honorable Mention : TC1-A Advanced Retention Power Gating: Unlocking Opportunistic Leakage Savings in High Performance Mobile SoCs - Technical Committee Award, Honorable Mention
Author(s): John Biggs, David Flynn, James Myers - ARM