SNUG Silicon Valley 2012 Proceedings

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Best Papers
1st Place - Best Paper, Best First-Time Presenter : Optimizing Test Times using a Scan Deserializer/Serializer Architecture
Author(s): Milind Sonawane, Jonathon E Colburn, Amit Sanghani [NVIDIA Corp.]

2nd Place - Best Paper, Technical Committee Award Honorable Mention : X-Propagation: An Alternative to Gate Level Simulation
Author(s): Adrian Evans, Julius Yam, Craig Forward

3rd Place - Best Paper : Developing and Implementing a Flip Chip Interface using IC Compiler
Author(s): Prasanth Koduri, Sampath Oks, Anupam Gangopadhyay, Santhosh Pillai [Samsung], Susheel Sharma [Synopsys, Inc.]

Technical Committee Award : An ARM Cortex-M0 for Energy Harvesting Systems: A Novel Application of UPF with Synopsys’ Galaxy Platform
Author(s): Jatin Mistry [University of Southampton], James Myers [ARM Ltd.]

Technical Committee Award Honorable Mention : Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)-based Random Verification through VCS and CustomSim in Analog Mixed-signal Designs for Faster Coverage Closure
Author(s): Ravi Ram, Warren Anderson, Shyam Sivakumar [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.], Vijay Akkaraju [Synopsys, Inc.]